Beyonce on Kim Kardashian: Not a Fan!

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Things might get a bit awkward in a few weeks.

With Kanye West and Jay-Z scheduled to go on tour, sources tell Great Britain's The Sun that the latter's better half is not a fan of the former's new girlfriend, a certain giant-breasted reality star.

“Beyonce’s not happy about Kanye’s relationship with Kim," an insider claims to the publication. “She had a conservative upbringing which was very different to Kim’s."

Kim Kardashian and Cleavage
Beyonce in NYC

What, exactly, is it about Kim Kardashian that bugs Beyonce so much? Says the source:

“Bey’s never been impressed by her record with men." Well, yeah.

"And the sex tape that leaked a few years ago." Good point.

“Her 72-day marriage doesn’t exactly inspire her with confidence that she wants the relationship with Kanye to last either." Hard to argue with that.

Still, the women will need to make nice. West and Jay-Z will be touring Europe in May and June, with sources telling the newspaper that Kardashian has already lined up product launches around the same time in the area. She'll be there. So will Beyonce, it stands to reason.

Let's hope these two get it on because, let's face it: if they do, we all know who will be the survivor.



Beyonce is a real diva all the haters has nothin on her. die hard fan kim k is fake in all she does she should copy b 2 b real


I think it's ridiculous that anyone would be siding with Kim, fake story or not. She has no talent. She's got no morals. The whole family loves the drama and attention. But you can't be two successful women in Hollywood without supposed trash-talk, so I'm sure this story isn't real. But the people who are saying that those who aren't Kim K fans are just "jealous haters" are just as ignorant as their idol. Yeah, she may have her own clothing line, perfume, etc., but she wouldn't have that opportunity had she not used her father's name to be famous. Oh, and that sleezy sex tape. It doesn't take much effort to do what she does, actually. So quit lying to yourselves. What she does isn't original. There are so many celebrities out there who has a clothing line and perfume. If she wasn't so shallow and fake it'd be different. Don't even get me started about her "marriage"...geez. She's a piece of work.


I think Kim is a great woman and her family has nothing to be blamed, from what I see,She is an opportunist and have very high ambition even though without the so called " talent", but she still can make lots of money with what she have and some people are buying it... So as a woman I think I m very impressed with her success, also her love life is her business and nobody has the right to critisize her just because she failed in some of the relationships, like the rest of us we just want to find our true stop hating and be open..


Beyonce has SO MUCH MORE talent than her! Her boobs popping out everywhere? Really? Thats what you want to say on this topic? You guys are on a site that includes Kim Kardashian. Look at the page with the tag called 'Kim Kardashian' and then tell me if Beyonce is worse than Kim.


Bey has a point there Kim is like a barbie doll good to look at but marriage material that is far fetched:Kim should blame her mother for poor up bringing.......


Am a bg die fan of beyonce....evrythn arnd hr z superb!


Beyonce has plenty of friends and family around her to be complete and we are falling for Kardashian method of rumor spin


Beyonce is also a classy slut with alot of talent. performing half naked, dressing and behave like a slut. why she acting so high and mighty??????? kim has no self respect, but beyonce try to be more humble.


please leave kim kadashian alone-she has no education. feel sorry for her.and beyonce needs to buy a bra.both are a bit slutty if u ask me.


beyonce also behaves and dressess so slutty with her boobs popping out everywhere in her music videos. kim watches her videos and behaves like her in real life.pot calling kettle black

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