Beyonce on Kim Kardashian: Not a Fan!

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Things might get a bit awkward in a few weeks.

With Kanye West and Jay-Z scheduled to go on tour, sources tell Great Britain's The Sun that the latter's better half is not a fan of the former's new girlfriend, a certain giant-breasted reality star.

“Beyonce’s not happy about Kanye’s relationship with Kim," an insider claims to the publication. “She had a conservative upbringing which was very different to Kim’s."

Kim Kardashian and Cleavage
Beyonce in NYC

What, exactly, is it about Kim Kardashian that bugs Beyonce so much? Says the source:

“Bey’s never been impressed by her record with men." Well, yeah.

"And the sex tape that leaked a few years ago." Good point.

“Her 72-day marriage doesn’t exactly inspire her with confidence that she wants the relationship with Kanye to last either." Hard to argue with that.

Still, the women will need to make nice. West and Jay-Z will be touring Europe in May and June, with sources telling the newspaper that Kardashian has already lined up product launches around the same time in the area. She'll be there. So will Beyonce, it stands to reason.

Let's hope these two get it on because, let's face it: if they do, we all know who will be the survivor.



Beyonce feels that Kim is a threat! I don't care what you beyonce fans say. What you say about Kim is what you say bout Beyonce. Kanye says KIM. Kim doesn't have to be around beyonce. Kim laugh big at Beyonce. LOL@beyonce. She don't run NOTHING! Kim keep doing you.


Wats kims own! Must she b frnds wit bey?! I lov wat ur doin bey, go gal!! Kim jst wants 2 stand wit bey buh no mata wat she dos dey ll neva b d on d same level!!!


Go kim go am very happy for you


Sorry im not fan of beyonce but i am of Kim.


beyonce is not god she must let kim go aww or is it because kim n jay were once a couple or dat kim is hotter than her? aww beyonce sit down bitch


i like what B is doing 4 one reason,kk will know dat keeping good record is very important,i got angry wit kim in her reality show,when she went about asking people if she should get pregnant for her husband,is madness,she said she need 2 be sure of kris first,i av never seen somebody who study her man in marriage,what is dating 4,B has many reasons 2 be angry about kk,but 2 hate somebody openly dis way B is bad,do u know how many sin u av committed still God loves u, allow people in luv 2 be in luv,and re


i hate people who play God,beyonce take u time,i dont want 2 hear any nonsense about kim 4rm ur mouth again,am texting 4rm Nigeria in africa,u ar good,kim is good so stay on ur own,she is not beging u 2 like her,am not just happy about beyonces useless manner 2wards kim,i feel like killing her,infact beyonce is mad,everybody makes mistakes in life,did J zay disvirgin u? so just pack urself,or u will her 4rm me.


beyonce u av no right over kim and kanye,who ar u 2 make choice 4 them,am beyonces number one fan,i can even kill 4 her,but pls dont do nonsense,how will u feel if someone hates u openly,u ar not better than kim in anyway,she is more beautiful than u,so why ar u jealous,kim d sky is u starting point,just be strong and know dat i luv u die,go 4 any man u like till u get want u like,i luv u so much.


i don't blame b kim is everywhere


Kim is human jst any of us en prone to mistakes...u Kant blame her for everything that went wrong esp her marriage.marriage is for two parties and they both made mistakes.and please stop takin Kris hum as a saint.he ain't no saint...en besides we all have failed relationships so pls stop a mountain out of a mole one has a right to point a finger at Kim for her mistakes,do u think she enjoys having failed in her marriage.come on get real en have some red blood in your system

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