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No, not even close. She is gross.


Calm Down Rihanna fans, its People Magazine. They always go with an older, more sophisticated choice and it helps to be a mum. Past winners are Angelina Jolie & Julia Roberts. Rihanna is still a kid (or acts like one). She has afew more years to go before she would even be eligible.

I love Beyonces shape. Looks like a fucking coke-bottle!


She is nt pretty


My beautiful girlfriend is Hindu and trinidadian with natural gold tone to her skin.gorgeous lips, slanted deep brown eyes and is so amazingly beautiful it's annoying...and Beyonce and her little frozen half smile is the most beautiful in the world.My girl is everything Beyonce is...just not rich.really....just letting you know.has any1 been to Brazil Lately...and Beyonce is the most beautiful out of 3Billion women on the PLANET!


rock that look u look good i luv ur looks london giddy up huston rok it


rihanna got it


Well she's pretty but she cud have been best if she leaves the illuminancy.... Anyway she can be z prettiest

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