Beyonce Named Most Beautiful Woman in the World!

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She's a 16-time Grammy Award winner, a beauty and style icon, a wife and a mother. Now Beyonce can add World's Most Beautiful Woman to her resume.

People bestowed that honor upon her in its new cover story.

"I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth," the megastar said ... of becoming a mother for the first time this winter.

All other accolades and achievements pale in comparison, she says, to the love she and husband Jay-Z feel for baby Blue Ivy Carter, born Jan. 7 in NYC.

Beyonce Body

"She's just the cutest thing," gushes Beyonce, 30, who croons to her little girl and even professes to "love" changing her diapers along with Jay, 42.

So who does her daughter most resemble? "She looks like Blue," says Bey, who's already back to pre-pregnancy weight. "She's her own person."

"The best thing about having a daughter is having a true and unique legacy," she adds. "The word 'love' means something completely different now."

That's probably the world's most beautiful sentiment, but what do you think of People's annual honor? Check out these Beyonce photos and vote below:

Is Beyonce the world's most beautiful woman?


Everyone knows that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You can find a beautiful woman anywhere no matter what race she maybe. Beyonce is a very good choice of course there are sooooo many more to choose from such as: Gabrielle Union, Selena Gomez, Megan Goode, Riahanna the late Aaliyah, Jessica Alba, Leona Lewis to name a few. Congrats Beyonce & keep doing what you are doing!!!!!!!




Shanique, Why are you not at liberty to express your opinion? What (or who) is preventing you from expressing yourself?


Well, I am not at liberty to say Beyonce is or isn't the world's most beautiful woman, but what I can say is how did she get such a title when there are far more beautiful women than her in the world. In every country there are exceptionally beatiful women, so Beyonce getting the "world" title is rather contrary and biased.


I happen to think that Beyonce is attractive; but the most beautiful woman in the world?????? come on now.....what is wrong with the idiots that voted for her....there are far more beautiful women in this world...Angelina Jolie for one, has the most beautiful face ever....Sofia Vergara is also beautiful....Beyonce has a nice face, but she is fat.....PERIOD>>>>>DON'T GET IT>>>>>ewww


I think thaat Beyonce is cute, but not the most beautiful woman in the world! There's a lot of people I can think of, such as, kim Kardashian, Vanna White, Christie Brinkley, Mariah Carey, Demi Moore,and Selena Gomez.


Beyonce is a true beautiful woman on the inside and on the outside.


Congrats Beyonce!!! I believe you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. I know you know that true beauty comes from within.....I know, because of the way you carry yourself. Keep doin what you're doing girlfriend!!!


Looks like Hubby's money just bought her something else. She can be attractive,,,but come on.


Why is our measure of female beauty always buildt like a troll doll? I'll take a Whitney Houston or a Jessica alba
Any day.


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