Beyonce Named Most Beautiful Woman in the World!

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She's a 16-time Grammy Award winner, a beauty and style icon, a wife and a mother. Now Beyonce can add World's Most Beautiful Woman to her resume.

People bestowed that honor upon her in its new cover story.

"I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth," the megastar said ... of becoming a mother for the first time this winter.

All other accolades and achievements pale in comparison, she says, to the love she and husband Jay-Z feel for baby Blue Ivy Carter, born Jan. 7 in NYC.

Beyonce Body

"She's just the cutest thing," gushes Beyonce, 30, who croons to her little girl and even professes to "love" changing her diapers along with Jay, 42.

So who does her daughter most resemble? "She looks like Blue," says Bey, who's already back to pre-pregnancy weight. "She's her own person."

"The best thing about having a daughter is having a true and unique legacy," she adds. "The word 'love' means something completely different now."

That's probably the world's most beautiful sentiment, but what do you think of People's annual honor? Check out these Beyonce photos and vote below:

Is Beyonce the world's most beautiful woman?


She is not the only beautiful woman in the world their are other so they need not to say shit like that I could name other woman who are more beautiful then her. So Stop puttin her on this high ass peddle stool and cause in a min people might not want to hear about her anymore cause they just got it to were she is Damn near better then any other female in the game. And she Not.


Even b4 i read who was voted ma minds ran b beyonce nothing compares 2 her. No dramas. And what makes her even more beautiful is being a mother. D whole world is totally in love with her. Cheers B. 4rm uganda d pearl of africa.


who is even comparing that five head mount everest rihanna to the all time queen of beauty bey.queen bey is the moon among stars in hollywood no contest


for once people magazine have done the right thing.honey bey is a legend and incomparable.she has an uncommon beauty and unmatch talent.she is an icon


Ofcst yes beyonce deservd 2 b d most beautiful woman on earth. Cngrtln queen bey.


Have you checked out ALL the women in the world, or just the American show biz people. Pleeeeze!


The best woman won! & how can sheb ashamed of bn black dumbass wen shes married to a blackman & her baby is black! angelina cnt touch Beyonce,that gurl dnt even hav to put make up on! angelina is too damn skinny & full of plastic! u dnt hear young ladies sayin they wana look like angie,all fake & shit,no u hear iwana b like beyonce! she is a tru idol & icon! who eva said kim k must b a fake ass slut like her becuz there isnt nothing i mean nothing beautiful or real bout that bitch! she should b givin the award of whos slept wit the most celeb blackmen cuz shes a HOE!


beyonce is beautiful but angelina jolie is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL ;)


I agree with all of u guys! We r all beautifuls, Beyonce is not the most beautiful sorry!


kim k of course


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