Beyonce Named Most Beautiful Woman in the World!

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She's a 16-time Grammy Award winner, a beauty and style icon, a wife and a mother. Now Beyonce can add World's Most Beautiful Woman to her resume.


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    i have seen more beautiful women just walking down the streets


    I defiantly think that beyonce is the worlds most sexiest woman. She has a great body a great sense of humor. Beyonce is my role model I admired her since grade 3 and rite now I'm in grade 5. She's the reason why I'm going after my dream to be a model and actress. Beyonce is beyonce a strong,powerful woman. She's just amazing there are no words to describe beyonce she's just so amazing. Love u lots Beyonce I hope u read this


    Beyonce is gorgeous but People's mag really messed this one up. Most beautiful in the world..really??? here are the top 10 most beautiful women ever.


    Uh yeah, read your post Waren Irene. Now, go change your name. You don't deserve my name.

    I don't remember voting for this. You guys are so superficial, I've seen prettier women every day, and lets say Beyonce isn't the world's prettiest. The whole world ISN'T totally in love with her, and at least a third don't even know who she is. Oh yeah, remember how many times she had plastic surgery? Yeah, that exists. Beauty only qualifies in outside and inside, and most of all NATURALLY. Trust me, there's so much competition. Also, hair dying exists. Lets take off all of her make up, reverse the plastic surgery, and take out the hair dye. Then tell me what you think of her.

    Also, that blonde haired blue eye white-ass bitch that was also elective by fanboy "scientists" doesn't even compare either.

    Sincerely, the real Irene.


    Beyonce is beautiful, but not the WHOLE WORLD's most beautiful. There are MANY woman in this whole world that are just as beautiful if not more and for "people magazine" to say that...It's not even REMOTELY possible that they traveled to EACH and EVERY country in the world because some countries won't allow you in or out without the right papers for their embassy. "People Mag" exaggerates, let's not forget the stunt she pulled at the hospital where other families couldn't get in to see their loved ones.


    Yeah bey iz beautiful as beautiful can b, but not d most in d whole world. so judge fairly plz....


    She's an icon!!!realli I thnk she deserves it.


    I dont totally agree, yeah she is fine and all but nothinbg close to being the most beatiful woman. But yeah she's a real natural.


    Hey, they could have picked Ri-hoe-nna. That would have been a joke. Beyonce is cute, but I don't think that she is the most beautiful.It's really a very difficult to choose, because there are so many.


    yea shes only the "worlds most beautiful woman" because she sold her soul to the devil. fuckin gross ass ho.

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