Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson: PURE Love in Vegas

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Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson of The Bachelor made sure everyone remembers they are still together as they hosted a party at Las Vegas' PURE nightclub.

Because nothing says "normal couple" like paid appearances in Sin City.

The couple got up close and personal poolside on Saturday as they smooched at the Wet Republic Ultra Pool party, then walked the red carpet that night ...

Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Pose
Ben and Courtney Photo

The pair, who have been plagued with rumors of a split since the March season finale of the reality show, seemed to revel in being the guests of honor for the night.

People were quick to write them off after the way she conducted herself all winter, but by making it a few months already, they've already exceeded expectations.

What do you think: Will Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson last?



Well well well looks like PSYCHO Courtney and Ben aka NERD-HOLE are still together. For now. LOL!!!!!


these 2 morons are the most disgustingly sloppy and the biggest douche bags on the face of the planet...who gives a fling f..k that they are still anybody really cares...he is so frigin homily, he'd stop time, and she is homily with those weird faces she makes....ugh.....GO AWAY>>>>>GO FAR FAR AWAY>>>>>YOUR 15 MINUTES OF UNFAME ARE OVER HONEY.....YUKKKKKKKKK


It looks like they were made for each other after all. Love is blind.


She is attractive (needs a new hairstyle) and has a gorgeous figure but he needs a total makeover. Why he was picked for bachelor is baffling because he looks like a slob and dresses like one.


Ben, cut your hair. Courtney, shut your mouth. Cut and Shut...that should be easy for you two losers to remember.


Nothing remotely attractive about this guy he looks like a douche bag... Actually so does she come to think of it.

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