Basketball Wives Producers to Sue Jennifer Williams?

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Producers of VH1's Basketball Wives are thinking about filing a lawsuit against cast member Jennifer Williams for publicly trashing the reality show.

After Jennifer Williams sued Nia Crooks for slapping her in the face while taping an episode (below), VH1 reportedly became absolutely livid with her.

Now producers are ready rebut Williams' legal and media rampage, during which she said the show portrays African-American women negatively.

Producers feel Williams' lawsuit is frivolous - her contract says she waives such a right to sue based on physical confrontations, the network says.

Moreover, her explicit show-bashing is in violation of her contract, which forbids cast members from doing media appearances or press without approval.

Or speaking negatively about the show, which the nut job clearly has.

VH1 feels J-Dubs is "ruining the brand" they worked so hard to build, which is hilarious, but actually not a legal stretch if she's in breach of contract.

Crooks, for her part, was charged with battery for the slap. Really.


This show really shows how "LOW" they will go for the almighty dollar. I have to agree with the comment that the producers and Shaunie are daggling money over their heads. Who the hell fights at their age? That is absolutely insane! Evelyn is a timebomb with some serious mental issues...I am not typing that as a joke but that's for real. Chad best have his eyes wide open, cause this is one psycho that he is about to embark on...but then he deserves to have his sorry A** shot down too. He is a publicity whore as Jen called him. All of these reality shows aint about squat...personally the only one that even appears to be enjoyable is Ice loves immature BS on that show for sure!


this is so ignorant....jennifer is getting sued because she is one of the few girls who act like she has sense with some class....ugh this country is getting worse every day.


I will not watch show if Jennifer is not on the show. WHY IS NIA EVEN ON THIS SHOW.. SHE IS NOBODY.. !!???