Basketball Wives Producers to Sue Jennifer Williams?

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Producers of VH1's Basketball Wives are thinking about filing a lawsuit against cast member Jennifer Williams for publicly trashing the reality show.

After Jennifer Williams sued Nia Crooks for slapping her in the face while taping an episode (below), VH1 reportedly became absolutely livid with her.

Now producers are ready rebut Williams' legal and media rampage, during which she said the show portrays African-American women negatively.

Producers feel Williams' lawsuit is frivolous - her contract says she waives such a right to sue based on physical confrontations, the network says.

Moreover, her explicit show-bashing is in violation of her contract, which forbids cast members from doing media appearances or press without approval.

Or speaking negatively about the show, which the nut job clearly has.

VH1 feels J-Dubs is "ruining the brand" they worked so hard to build, which is hilarious, but actually not a legal stretch if she's in breach of contract.

Crooks, for her part, was charged with battery for the slap. Really.

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Tami and Susie are some ignorant bitches susie always talking and carry bones tami is classless ho walking around demanding respect something she does not have others Evelyn forgets how snotty she was to tami because she didn't have the clothes they had that's show that tami is a stupid ass bitch Evelyn that's why chad didn't all those hos alone Rroyce love you Jennifer sue all those hos shaunie u aint


Basketball Wives is a total DISGRACE. Tammi should be thrown off the show after the way she treated Keisha on the Island of Tahiti. She really has problems and she should see a Doctor and get some Prozac. I will not be watching this show next season and I hope it goes off the air.


ugh seriously??? If you don't like the show don't watch it!! the details are thats it's a contract for physical confrontation Jen knew that when she signed it for t.v, I personally love the show and to be honest Jen had it coming she is just sneaky and backstabbing low key.. as for the comments about Evelyn so what she went and did WHAT SHE IS GROWN ENOUGH TO TO!!! She always kept it real and it was too much for some to handle Jen got her one or two lip glosses and forgot about friends and now to classy lol but wants to run her mouth its life get over it... And who else is complaining about the show? RIGHT NOBODY!!!! BYE JEN


Kim the only fools that is in your watch party must be Eve,Tami,Shaunie.Yes I have watched since day 1. You probably like this behavior cause you live crazy like this. What looking like a man got 2 do with justfication of grown mature people acting like animals. Looks don't matter its action. please check yourself if you think what you said serve a vaild point.


Who wrote this crap. Are you freakin' serious. Since when is it okay to be hit and why is it wrong if the victim chooses to discuss it. Reality T.V. or not, the very slanted comments of this idiot writer is ridiculous.


it gets to a point where women do have to stand up for themselves.i applaude jennifer for not takin it to the streets like alot of small narrow minded people wanted and took the right path and did the fighting in a legal way. what will it take?for her to get shot?go to the hospital?then everything would be ok?vh1 just shows that money is more important to them then teaching the right way. nia wanted to put her hands on jen and now she has to suffer the consequences. wanna be a big girl and hit people who arent defending themselves?then be a big girl and handle it in the courts. #TeamJenn #StickUpForYourself


Show ratings do not have to be consistent with violence especially violence against women and an onslaught that has been practiced since slavery. If you as a black woman had a chance to do business with this company which is owned by Warner Brothers Studios would you in fact do business with them for a price knowing they had the intention of degrading you no matter how much positive spins you injected into story lines? Shaune Oneil agreed to this part and parcel she's as much a part of the problem for letting it get this far..the show is utter trash and to let it flourish with such proliferation of negative connotations,self-hatred and violence is what the show has become. I'm sorry its for a certain audience and to profit in such nonsense is really fool's gold if you profit in such.


Oh hell yeah, I been watching the show from the begining. Yes, I will agree that Jen was right up Evelyn ass on the show. And I also agree that Jen was doing some evil shit right alone with Ms Evil Eve. What I like about Jen? Is when she seen her so call friend Evelyn nasty ways on national TV. Evelyn loose ass went all the way to New York City, to meet a man from off line that she never really met. Remember the same guy that who brought her them damn shoes. She gave up a piece of ass, just because $400 pair of high heel shoes. But here is the thing, Evelyn is about to married the same guy that who be disrespecting her on TV. Hell, I saw last night show! Did you all seen how Chad yale at Evelyn, just because she made a small comment? Can you all say C A Z Y! Hell, Chad had already said some fuck up shit from last season to Evelyn easy ass. I don't think Jen was ever jealousy of Evelyn, more like Jen was trying to be a friend about Evelyn poor choice in men.


So vh1 is gonna sue Jen for suing this Nia woman?? So I take it vh1 is approving violence amongst eachother??? Way to go vh1 way to go!!!


The full of s*** I guess it was fine for tami to sue eve for them non muthf*** factor shirts but it ain't Alright to sue for being hit or threatened bodily harm Everytime. Your in someone's presence. Wow. And farther more like someone else said. Shaunie claims this wasn't her vision forthr show when she started it but it's what sells. Really!!!! A lot of this bs can be stopped but she don't never speak up she just sits there and watch like she do innocent. Hummm what goes around comes around. God don't like ugly and he ain't to proud of pretty!!!