Basketball Wives Producers to Sue Jennifer Williams?

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Producers of VH1's Basketball Wives are thinking about filing a lawsuit against cast member Jennifer Williams for publicly trashing the reality show.

After Jennifer Williams sued Nia Crooks for slapping her in the face while taping an episode (below), VH1 reportedly became absolutely livid with her.

Now producers are ready rebut Williams' legal and media rampage, during which she said the show portrays African-American women negatively.

Producers feel Williams' lawsuit is frivolous - her contract says she waives such a right to sue based on physical confrontations, the network says.

Moreover, her explicit show-bashing is in violation of her contract, which forbids cast members from doing media appearances or press without approval.

Or speaking negatively about the show, which the nut job clearly has.

VH1 feels J-Dubs is "ruining the brand" they worked so hard to build, which is hilarious, but actually not a legal stretch if she's in breach of contract.

Crooks, for her part, was charged with battery for the slap. Really.

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I think that Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tammie are "color struck", if you will, when it comes to the choosing of who's who on the show. Shaunie kisses Evelyn's but because she's this light skin pueterican and embelishes Susuie because she's white. Tammy, who is also light skin, is the gladiator who they gladly make a fool of everytime there's someone they want out of the group. The conversation that Evelyn had with here pastor in the final episode, she should have had with Evelyn, who totally ruined the show with here nasty, self-endluging attitude. I hope that Jen sues and sues and sues. She was attacked and totally disrespected for the whole world to see. Good riddance to sneaky Shaunie and stypid Evelyn


Tami and Evelyn absolutely have no class. I hope they enjoy their 15 minutes of fame. I used to watch this but it is too ghetto now. They are totally ridiculous and embarrassing. Shawnie should be ashamed of putting this type of classless trash on television.


vh1 yal tripping how yal going to sue jen for speaking the truth about something that is so negative come on traci edmonds you are a part of this also as a executive producer that makes me think that u also are, shaunie were positive household names and now you are poster women for negative black women im not speaking on your trifling cast members (except for royce, jen, kenya). yal let susie's white ass tear down black women once again cause yal acting 14 karat crazy on her he say she say from the hood and i want to become successful in life and im working hard to get there. but now i know you're not the inspirations that i thought you were please redeem yourselves and do a public apology sincerly too....or you guys will be just guys should be ashamed of your class what so eva.....


I love u Jen. Stay classy n cute. TeamJenn all day! I use to love dis show but now its nothing but bullies bullying corney girls. Cum to da hood n u can get it Tammi&Ev!!


I am living in Europe and when I read such stories I cant believe whats going on in American TV. How is it possible that VH1 can make a contract which says that all performers have to waive such a right to sue based on physical confrontations? That means someone like Jennifer has to accept that she gets beaten, punched and grossly insulted by mentally disturbed women like Nia or Evelyn?? Thats sick!! In my opinion the producers of the show promote aggression and violent attitude as a dramaturgical effect because thats good for the ratings. (greetings to Jerry Springer!) And now they have the nerve to sue Jennifer? Thats disgusting! Especially that Evelyn has serious behavioural disorders. She takes her anger out on other people. She is a case for judge. She has to be sent to jail or madhouse.
First I thought much of this show is posed and faked but Evelyn and Nia seems to be really completely nuts.


If VH1 sues Jennifer, I will boycott the network as a whole. Do they really think we don't have minds of our own? Any dummie can look at the show and see that it is exploitative, we don't need Jennifer to tell us that.


I thank these young lady need stop being bitch and get some classi about them self be cause they are a poor example of women. Shauni need fond where she lelf her vclassi because she is a pose poor pose bitch.


Shaunie is the prettiest Pimptress I have ever seen


Where exactly do I begin with this farce of a show, if it could be called this. Jennifer has every rite to hold a individual accountable for attacking her.What kind of beligerante, ghetto,ignorant,cowardly behaivor these alledge sofisticated self made woman have. Evelyn and Tami are a total discrace.Shock therapy,straight jackets, and prosac should be daily regimate for these classless woman who wish to blame and abuse others beacause they were abused.


Tami and Evelyn come to north Philadelphia with that bully bullshit u would have been folded up in that purse Susie your head would have been busted for running your moiuth too much Jen stick with kenya and keep taking self defense