Barack Obama on Ann Romney: Hard-Working and Wonderful!

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Following comments by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen - who criticized Ann Romney for "never [working] a day in her life" and, therefore, lacking the knowledge to speak on economic issues - the wife of Mitt Romney finds herself supported by an unlikely ally:

Barack Obama.

Barack Obama at Florida Atlantic University
Ann Romney and Mitt Romney

Speaking to Columbus, Ohio television station WCMH yesterday, the President defended the work of stay-at-home moms everywhere, while also emphasizing that family members ought to be off limits in an election.

“First of all there is no tougher job than being a mom," Obama said. "I think this was an ill-advised statement by somebody on television. It's not something that I subscribe to, and moreover my general rule is you don't talk about the spouses of elected officials because they've got a really tough job. They're out there supporting their husband or wife who have chosen to serve in public eye.

"Sometimes that spouse isn't volunteering for that job, but they're doing the best they can supporting somebody they love and they care about. And I think they're off limits, so on both counts it was the wrong thing to say and I haven't met Ms. Romney but she seems like a wonderful woman and I know that she's devoted her life to her family.”

Ann Romney also shot back at Rosen this week, telling Fox News women should respect the career choices made by other women and that mothers are perfectly capable of speaking out on the "legacy of debt" she believes Obama is leaving the next generation.



Stop playing the race is so low class. The is a bad president..has nothing to do with color..I am from a bi-racial family, you want a strong man, a man of integrity, a patriot, an American????? Then do every thing in your power to see that Rep. Allen West gets elected to VP and then Top Spot!! Check him out, honest to a fault!!!


its also hard being a single mom left by a cheating husband who thinks free @ss is the key to happiness. And its hard trying to be a single mom when the government cuts back the much needed benefits to care for them because of its debt crisis. If the father makes money, hes likely going to get custody because the system has holes in it and doesnt care that single mothers cant pay bills. And child support takes several months to get off its @ss. But even then, it doesnt pay bills. This country has serious problems. I dont think obama is to blame completely. Im not voting this year. I wont vote for anyone who wants to control the country and put thousands of military drones in the sky to babysit us.


I love how some of you ignorant fools like to talk about racism and call other people racist when you are the one who is being racist and ignorant I might add. FYI the president is half black/half white. And irregardless he is still a person just like you or and I and he will have faults just as everyone else. Stop blaming a color of a person's skin for things you feel is right or wrong.


Im going to need for all you racist ass people to go get a life. If your not a mother that is raising kis you wouldnt know shit about hard work. Now obama is a great president look at all the fact. Stoo being racist open your eyes and you will see.


I am glad someone is standing up for stay at home moms it is a very hard job. However, I hope Obama would just fade away.


Obama talks like a BOY with a " Paper ASSHOLE" he is just likE ALL Democtrats ! The Bar Room talk with Democrats is that a Woman needs to keep her ass in the Kitchen! I don't need Obamas Black Ass to tell me what the Hardest Job is! The hardest job for me is watching his Racist Ass as President! Democrats- you let them keep talking and they will spill their guts! Romney- 2012!


Walk it back! Walk it back! Walk it back! Yeah, Barack you'll be doin' a lot of that since your Democratic lib-turd advisors can't WAIT to say anything they can to destroy your political foes. Ha! I hope you are kept busy just apologizin' and distancing yourself from your liberal goons. What great entertainment that will be to sit back and watch!

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