Barack Obama on Ann Romney: Hard-Working and Wonderful!

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Following comments by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen - who criticized Ann Romney for "never [working] a day in her life" and, therefore, lacking the knowledge to speak on economic issues - the wife of Mitt Romney finds herself supported by an unlikely ally:

Barack Obama.

Barack Obama at Florida Atlantic University
Ann Romney and Mitt Romney

Speaking to Columbus, Ohio television station WCMH yesterday, the President defended the work of stay-at-home moms everywhere, while also emphasizing that family members ought to be off limits in an election.

“First of all there is no tougher job than being a mom," Obama said. "I think this was an ill-advised statement by somebody on television. It's not something that I subscribe to, and moreover my general rule is you don't talk about the spouses of elected officials because they've got a really tough job. They're out there supporting their husband or wife who have chosen to serve in public eye.

"Sometimes that spouse isn't volunteering for that job, but they're doing the best they can supporting somebody they love and they care about. And I think they're off limits, so on both counts it was the wrong thing to say and I haven't met Ms. Romney but she seems like a wonderful woman and I know that she's devoted her life to her family.”

Ann Romney also shot back at Rosen this week, telling Fox News women should respect the career choices made by other women and that mothers are perfectly capable of speaking out on the "legacy of debt" she believes Obama is leaving the next generation.


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Mr. President- its obvious to a person that knows what she is looking at ----you are seperating yourself from a Lobbyist that you know all to well and you are picking up after your sheep only to protect your own interests! Good try though.


Thank you Mr. President for setting straight the ignorant comments of someone who has obviously spent very little time raising her own kids, otherwise she would know the amount of work it takes. You just can't fix stupid.


mr barak is always right from zimside


She is a Democratic Lobbyist- a Pundit- That is the Difference. Watermellon? Do the Black Panthers also represent your Obama?


@brenda kay.... If its like that then noone has a chance in this country. A repub rep. Put out emails showing watermelons growing on the white house lawn. So should i say he represnts all of republicans and they are all racist beacuse he did that? Shes a dem but to call her a obama dem is trying to make obama responsible for what a grown woman said. How can u do that? If thats the case than all the bs and lies and crappy things i even heard uttered out of a repub. Mouth will then be held over romneys head. This is not logical thinking. Romney is responsible for what he says and the values he holds and so is the president. To put others comments on their shoulders is a dis-service to both men.


Ann Romney has Multiple Sclerosis. Ann is a Cancer SURVIVOR! To think she was humiliated in her own Country by a Obama Democrat is the lowest thing I have heard of in my 61 years. This President and his Staff are the most cruel and disfunctional Administration of all time. All he does is create havoc and campaign. I cannot say what the 1st lady said because- I am not proud of the country! I use to be- not anymore. To slander a fine Homemaker like Ann is appalling. This " Hiliary" woman represents Obama. There is no length to what these people will go! What a disgrace to our Freedom and Dignity.


#facebook blasted


@ Chely- We don't have to pretend! It was said! What is it you don't get! A woman who has Obamas ear ( she has been to the White House) many times made a Fool out of herself! Quit doing damage Control. You can't wait to hang Zimmerman but you can't live with this TRUTH? I realize it's in your ( Black) nature. You and yours need to work on accountability. Obama has to go or you will see Chaos in the Streets! It was SAID CHELY- swallow it!


allen west from fl??? U must be joking! He blasted his woman counterpart just because she didnt agree with him! And wnted him to explain a statement. The things he said was so low blow and unprofessional. Anyways This woman who said this comment has been comdemed by everyone! But lets imagine for a moment that obama said he got all his economical advice from michelle obama... Yea i bet none of the repub pundits would have anything to say right?? She shouldnt have said it but romney also shouldnt be saying he gets his info from a person who has never held a tax paying job before. And what happened to john bhonier (sp) job jobs jobs catch phrase? His congress hasnt passed one damn jobs bill! In fact when he got in there the first 6 laws they passed had to do with abortion rights??? So neither side seems to have the answer when it comes to jobs or we would have them by now!


Obama has got to go. His chaotic party is in complete Turmoil. Sanity among people must return. This is what happens when inexperience runs a country. Romney 2012

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