Barack Obama on Ann Romney: Hard-Working and Wonderful!

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Following comments by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen - who criticized Ann Romney for "never [working] a day in her life" and, therefore, lacking the knowledge to speak on economic issues - the wife of Mitt Romney finds herself supported by an unlikely ally:

Barack Obama.

Barack Obama at Florida Atlantic University
Ann Romney and Mitt Romney

Speaking to Columbus, Ohio television station WCMH yesterday, the President defended the work of stay-at-home moms everywhere, while also emphasizing that family members ought to be off limits in an election.

“First of all there is no tougher job than being a mom," Obama said. "I think this was an ill-advised statement by somebody on television. It's not something that I subscribe to, and moreover my general rule is you don't talk about the spouses of elected officials because they've got a really tough job. They're out there supporting their husband or wife who have chosen to serve in public eye.

"Sometimes that spouse isn't volunteering for that job, but they're doing the best they can supporting somebody they love and they care about. And I think they're off limits, so on both counts it was the wrong thing to say and I haven't met Ms. Romney but she seems like a wonderful woman and I know that she's devoted her life to her family.”

Ann Romney also shot back at Rosen this week, telling Fox News women should respect the career choices made by other women and that mothers are perfectly capable of speaking out on the "legacy of debt" she believes Obama is leaving the next generation.


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@ALLSAINTS45 Great point! Obama is scrambling to get that women's vote because despite what the "In-the-tank-media" reports in their propaganda style journalism"---Obama is losing ground. The rats are jumpin' ship.




This president is not accountable. @Jen-did you say bi-racial relatonships and bi- racial kids? are you bragging this? geez.


These comments are ridiculous. President Obama was simply stating that he doesn't agree with the statements made. He also stated that spouses and family members should be off limits. Get over yourselves. Oh and Wendell, not all of us "white women" are stupid enough for your allegations. I have bi-racial children and am in a bi-racial relationship. I know many who are. Stereotypes of all kinds speak to the ignorance of the speaker. Get a clue.


Everytime I hear Ann Romney claim to be a stay at home mum I wanna gag. If you have a nanny, housekeeper and driver you are a stay at home mum in name only!


Hiliary Rosen does work for the Democratic Party. She is a Lobbyist- Pundit. She was employed by the Liberal Newspaper- The Huffington Post. She has been to the White House many times. She is a " out of the closet" Lesbian and an angry one at that. She knows Obama personally.


I'm sorry that Anne Romney has been sick and although she stayed home to raise 5 boys,I'm sure she had plenty of help (nannies, maids, cooks, etc.) She cannot be compared to a single mom working OUTSIDE her home, worrying about maybe losing her job, worrying about the kids at home. are they being well cared for, did they do their homework, and all the things that moms have to do for their kids that she can't do because she is OUTSIDE her home.I bet Anne did not have those kinds of worries.


Thank You Mr.President for giving me faith. I have been Unemployed by choice in hopes I can get a free ride for another term. I left my wife shanika and married this stupid ass white woman. she actually believes that I'm in this relationship for more than the obvious TROPHY. You may remember my Annie- she is the one who thought you were going to build her a house on the day you were elected. I think you can get 4 more because from what I see- there are many more like me and I will be glad to vote as long as they don't have Voter ID. PS- When your Lobbyist bad mouthed a Woman with Cancer- it made us all proud.


Thank you Mr. President for walking back another gaffe! For causing unnecessary divisions in this nation (class war and race). And mucho gracias for the energy problems we have due to your poor energy policy. For showcasing political cronyism at it's best. For a lack of administrative transparency. Phew! Makes my choice for the 2012 election so much easier. Romney 2012


Thanks Mr. President. Not that I would ever vote for a party that thinks that using contraceptives means you are a slut. But yeah, this makes it much much easier to vote for you sir!

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