Barack Obama Ate Dog, Mitt Romney Supporter Proclaims!

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Mitt Romney's campaign is fighting back in the War on Dogs, excerpting a passage from President Obama's memoir in which he admits eating one as a kid.

The Daily Caller's Jim Treacher wrote a blog post with an excerpt from Dreams From My Father in which Obama writes of eating dog as a boy in Indonesia.

"With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy)," writes Obama.

Romney, Obama

Treacher brought out the excerpt as a way of responding to a very odd, old story that has haunted Romney since the Boston Globe first reported it in 2007.

The story goes like this: In 1983, Romney strapped the family dog's crate to the roof of the car for a 12-hour drive from Massachusetts to Canada.

On the trip, the dog, an Irish Setter named Seamus, suffered the "runs," as Ann Romney put it this week. Her husband coolly pulled over to hose off the dog and the car, then kept driving, with the dog back in the crate on the roof.

When the anecdote came out, Alabama resident Scott Crider launched an online group called Dogs Against Romney, which now has 48,000 fans on Facebook and has sought to keep the Seamus story in the news this year.

Eating dog meat 40-plus years ago in Indonesia may be less unusual than Seamus' 12-hour roof ride in America, but conservative media have seized on the story.

"Say what you want about Romney, but at least he only put a dog on the roof of his car, not the roof of his mouth," Treacher wrote, defending his post.

"And whenever you bring up the one, we’re going to bring up the other."

Mitt Romney has all but wrapped up the GOP's contentious nomination process and will face off with Obama for the presidency in November's election.

Expect to hear a lot more about Seamus and Indonesia before then.

Which dog story is worse?


Basic point of all this is..... David Axelrod throws this dog crap out because he's gotta prop up an incumbent President that has no record to run on. This is what comes out when your leadership and policies are an abysmal failure. And that's ALL this is about! Pathetic.


barrack Obama has a record and it is a disaster. We all know he should have never been in office at all. dogshit is what he eats. for the love of god get this mistake out.


these emails are rediculous. Obama isn't the first American to eat dog meat. A friend of mine told me he was in another country working with a charity when they went to a village and the villagers asked them to stay for supper. When they came therewas a dog running around. After supper the dog was gone. Another person told him they had just eaten the dog. He went out into the jungle and threw up. In other countries dogs are like livestock. But for someone to condemn someone for something his father had hime do as a child in another country where it is normal behavior is very ridiculous. this mudslinging is childish. You aren't in high school anymore.For the sake of our country and our children grow up and act like adults please.

Avatar do you know Romney's dog was tortured? Dogs can get the "runs" when excited. I've sat with my dogs in the truckbed. Obama's dog eating days....did you not know they KILL the dogs they ate. Long car ride or death? Hmmmmmm, 12 hours later Mitt could call his dog. Just saying.


I heard David Axelrod bring up the dog story while he was being interviewed. They are desperate because President Obama can't run on his record. At least the Romneys didn't eat their dog for dinner.


The comments from those on the right are sick, insane, childish and devoid of any class. All of this anger toward a man who was popularly elected by a majority of voters- just because they disagree with a few policies (and yes, skin color, I'm sure). Okay right wing people and politicians don't like Obama, we get it, but show some class and stop acting like petulant children. The name calling does your side no favors.


Only conservatives could reason that it's better to torture an animal for 12 hours than to eat an animal that's already dead.


So let me get this right strapping a dog who is alive to the
car is worse than eating dogs and cats? You Marxists are filthy like your Asian cousins the most
brutal people in the history of the world. PLEASE sodomize some more men also spreading aids is a good
thing you imbecilic losers of Obama !


The mother of the infant DIED that same day.

Wv peach

Allsaints45: Your comments are horrid at best. Why call Obama an animal? Are you jealous he was able to live abroad and expand his mind? When does the hate stop? Damn....

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