Ashton Kutcher Cast as Steve Jobs

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In a casting move that is likely to stir up a bit of controversy, Ashton Kutcher will portray Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie.

The Two and a Half Men star will take on the iconic role of the Apple founder in Jobs, an independent film written by Matt Whiteley and directed by Joshua Michael Stern. It will begin shooting next month.

Ashton in NYC
R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Jobs passed away in October and is widely recognized as one of the finest, most innovative minds of our time.

Kutcher stars on a sitcom that revolves around penis jokes and has been in the news for the last year due to his own wandering unit and an affair with Sara Leal that led to his divorce from Demi Moore.

What do you think of Kutcher portraying Jobs on the big screen?


i luv steve jobs.he is a unique and wonderful person,a source of inspiration


Steve Jobs is a savios man
And ashton what is he???
I don't think so,
I preffer others actors some one is serious
And not a bastard like ashton


my daughters boss could pass for a twin to Steve Jobs he looks so much like him we sent him a email that was a picture of Jobs and he wondered where we got that picture of him..LOL


Terrible choice..wouldve been much better if an unknown actor played him. kutcher isnt a serious type him playing jobs is such a joke


OMG...that womanizing SCUMBAG Ashton Kutcher to portray Mr. Steve Jobs on-screen????? What in the FUCK is WRONG with Hollywood????? I hope that Mr. Jobs is VERY ANGRILY spinning over (and over) in his grave!!!!! A TERRIBLE casting choice all-around!!!!!!!


Maybe im wrong, but im thinking a BIG LOL!!


i love ashton he perfect choice

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