Ashley Judd Defends Appearance, Rails Against Society's "Hatred of Women"

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Combating critics of her appearance once again, Ashley Judd went off on the sexualization, objectification and hatred of women she perceives in society.
AJ Judd

Stories about Judd's puffy face, caused by the medication she had been taking for a sinus infection, gave way to plastic surgery rumors in recent weeks.

Rumors that did not sit well with the Missing star, who is assailing critics left and right over this "sad commentary" on our obsession with appearance.

"I think it's hatred of women that invites the criticism," the actress told NBC.

"I think it's the objectification of girls and this hypersexualization of our society. It doesn't have anything to do with me, really, and how I look."

Judd says the reaction to her appearance was as swift as it was negative.

"There was no presumption of goodwill," she says, and that's what pushed her over the edge. "The conversation went straight to, 'Oh my gosh.'"

Particularly galling, besides the "nasty, vitriolic and gloating tone," she added, was the speculation that the 43-year-old had plastic surgery.

"I started to catch the double bind where, you know, my face looks puffy, 'She's had work done,' you know?" Judd says, noting the irony.
Ashley Judd Puffy Face Photo

"Then, look at the same image in a different interpretation by a separate set of people is, 'Oh, come on, she doesn't even have any wrinkles at all, she's clearly had work.'"

"So, I look bad, I've had work. I look too good, I've had work."

Judd said she decided to address this incident "because the conversation was pointedly nasty, gendered, and misogynistic and embodies what all girls and women in modern culture, to a greater or lesser degree, endure every day."

This happens "in ways both outrageous and subtle," she says. Do you agree?


Mrs. Judd works in the industry responsible for "hypersexualization". You can't watch anything today without a flagrant sexual act or a declaration of homosexuality thrown in your face. The music business is the same. Mrs. Judd gets no sympathy from me. She's a pampered one-per center who has used the same vitriol against Sarah Palin she now complains about.


@Sasha: "quasi motto"? Seriously? How about Quasimodo.


I notice all the time on sites like this that women tear down other women and the way they look. It makes me so angry. Commenting on someone's dress, shoes? Fine. But not the way they look. It's so wrong. Is as demeaning to the person saying it as it is the one they're speaking of. It needs to stop and I'm so glad that Ashley spoke up about this.


Sasha- don't look now but you just proved her point. I don't think that you understood a single word she said...


Looks aren't everything. At 43, you aren't going to be perfect, but you aren't going to be quasi motto either, unless you smoke crack or are on meth. Let the lady age gracefully. She probably did have a little work done, but it's her face.


You are not getting it still. You are commenting on her looks. Who cares if she ages like her mother? The point is we should be talking about her new program, did she realistically portray the character, those kinds of questions. Ask the questions you would ask if she was a man. You RARELY see posts and articles about what a man looks like or if he's had work.


she is sooooooooooooooooooooo right! i totally agree about this!! when a man can be "brave, strong, smart" then a woman is just always "pretty". that is the quality society looks in a woman, not anything else. sick of it. Look at the 12 year old girls dressing like whores nowayadays. I wonder why that happens huh? cuz the freaking society tells them that thats what they have to be!


shes totally right about the constant negitivity and nastiness that the media throws at women. shes gorgeous and good for her to say the truth.


She is right the media does sexualize women/girls and put too much pressure on them to fit some false beauty ideal that can rarely be attained.The MEDIA does this.Granted most of the media is ran by males it sure as hell does not reflect what MOST guys feel and think.Most men do not hold women to unicorn beauty standards,most guys aren't out looking for bikini models and most like women how they are.Im not being a sycophant or ego stroking here its the truth,the problem is not enough males actually vocalize this in any concerted effort and thus alot of women think they aren't good enough-when they actually are.The media makes women (and men) feel bad and then they attempt to provide the 'cure-all'(see infomercials etc) so they can capitalize on your fears and insecurities -------> $.Yeah its propaganda and its pretty f'd up.


Oh please, she doesn't look like she's had any work. If you look closely she has crows feet around her eyes. She looks like a beautiful 43 yr old. Look around 43 doesn't mean your all wrinkly. Now if she doesn't have wrickles by the time she's 60 yeah then maybe she's had work. Plus as far are her cheeks, look at her Mom she has the same kind of full apple cheeks. I also want to add her Mom has ages well also. The only thing Ashley is guilty of is genetics.

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