Anne Hathaway's Short Hair: 'Do or Don't?

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Hair today, gone tomorrow. Apparently this awful play on words applies to Anne Hathaway, whose short hair raised eyebrows in London this weekend.

Hard at work filming the big screen adaptation of Les Miserables in London, the stunning actress showed off just how much she's gotten into character.

Leaving The Box nightclub with fiance Adam Shulman, Anne debuted a close-cropped, much shorter 'do - a stark contrast to her usual long brown locks.

In Les Miserables, she portrays Fantine, a prostitutewith a terminal case of tuberculosis who is forced to sell her hair in to provide for her daughter, Cosette.

She's also drastically cut calories in an effort to slim down for the role. What do you think of her new hairstyle? Vote for her best look below:

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

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Are you kidding? She looks great with short hair. She has big facial features to pull off a short hair cut. The long hair frame those features in a non-flattering way. Love her to death but the long hair made her look like a picasso painting. the long hair just made her look odd. The short hair actually lets you focus on the whole face. It softens the large eyes, the large mouth, and large nose. The long made all of these features stick out in a peculiar way. KEEP THE SHORT HAIR!!! It looks sooooo much better!


Eww..she has big facial features like her eyes nose n nouth so short hair makes it worse..bad move


Remember the MANE


I like it either way, but long hair is much more feminine. I don't know why a beautiful woman would want a man's haircut. To each their own.


I think she looks cute! I prefer long hair, but Anne is beautiful either way. Also, these people who bitch about the topics you report-who forces them to read your site??? Some people aren't happy unless they are bitching....


She looks fine just as she doesnt matter what haircut she couldnt think of anything different to report about....


who cares any way

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