Ann Romney, Wife of Mitt, Responds to Stay-at-Home-Mom Criticism

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Ann Romney, the wife of likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and mother of five sons, is fighting a criticism that she “never worked a day in her life.”

“I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys,” she wrote on Twitter, prompted by a Democratic strategist’s challenge of her knowledge about the economy.

“Believe me,” Ann Romney wrote. “It was hard work.”

Hillary Rosen, a Democratic strategist, started the exchange during an interview on CNN yesterday in which she said of GOP front-running candidate Romney:

“Guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life. She’s never dealt with the economic issues that a majority of women in U.S. are facing.”

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign swiftly distanced itself from Rosen, but the incident underscores issues critical to both sides in the campaign.

Polls show Obama favored over Romney by about a 20-percent margin among women, a gap posing a major electoral hurdle to Romney’s hopes of victory.

Ann Romney also told Fox News, “My career choice was to be a mother. Other women make other choices. We have to respect women in all their choices.”

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She also disputed the notion that she doesn’t understand the economy.

“Guess what women are taking about these days," she said.

"I don’t care if they’re stay-at-home mothers, working mothers or grandmothers. They are talking about jobs and a legacy of debt that we are leaving our children.”

Mitt Romney, seen above with Ann and supporter Donald Trump, all but wrapped up the Republican race with Rick Santorum dropping out this week.

If they election were held today, for whom would you vote?


wow!fox news is taking ann romney s side. shocker! why should Rosen have to apologise for speaking the truth. What she clearly meant was that Romney hasn t earned a penny in her life and she s not in a position to speak on the behalf of the majority of women. Why should Rosen be castigated? go Rosen.


I guess the ones who suffer more are the kids. What's better for them being raised by mom at home or being stuck in a daycare so mom can go get a paycheck so everyone think she's worth something? If you can afford to stay home and raise your kids do it! This is why children are so messed up.


why is she talking?? she hasnt earned one fucking paycheque in her life. shut the fuck up about the economy you dumb bitch, stick to what you do best, dishes and laundry.


@Concerned Citizen....Hmmmmm, interesting assessment. Well, if all that's true please explain to me why the Democrats have been famous for putting forth very wealthy elites as Presidential candidates. Like...ohhhhhhh..the Kennedy's, the John Carey's...the Al Gores....yeah, and no one ever said THEY were out of touch when they ran due to their wealth and privileged lifestyle--now did they? Oh, and you've got Nancy Pelosi, too who is not only filthy rich but made sure Obama's big stimulus bill included a kick back to her hubby's wine business associates. Yeah, talk about some really out of touch folks I must say! Might I add..that other liberals such as Warren Buffet and George Soros and Bill Gates also could be looked upon by the middle class as out of touch. These latter two (Buffet/Soros) are getting govt. decisions their way to make gazillions more, thanks to their friend, Barack Obama. Ah, yes. Let's put all the cards on the table, hun, if we're gonna be fair!


On what Kimball added, I'll go along with that.


Continued: it definetly draws clarity on the fact that the successful are not only hated but also should be stripped of what they have earned. To understand the mindset of the opposition is benifical. It lets you see the "Deep Seeded" motive. That comment by a Democratic spokesperson has and will continue to clear the smoke from the room. Feeling certain that our next 1st Lady hasn't been shaken or affected a bit by this unmasking mindset of the Democratic Party- from me to you- THANK YOU MRS. ROMNEY- for taking the Hit!


Ann Romney thinks she worked hard, having raised her children at home. She has no experience or idea how much harder it is to add economic realities into that 'hard' lifestyle she's led.


As a woman and an at-home Mom I am more offended by what I've read here than with the comments of Hillary Rosen. Beautiful Love T--you are stupid and rude to bear an envious grudge against people who have been successful. There's nothing wrong with it. They contribute much to the economy...job creation/business creation. Because of her husband's success, Ann was able to choose to be at home with her boys instead of hiring a nanny while she took briefcase in hand and held down a job. It only goes to show how gullible folks like you are. Obama & the liberals tell you to see and feel things a certain way...and you buy it. Again, you have no right to rag Ann! Being an at-home Mom is WORK! If she didn't stay home somebody needing a nanny job would have done it for her. Don't you think if possible it's better if kids have their own Mom there to raise them? I do. I've never regretted my choice. I actually chose to do without some things to make that choice.


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@ Hey Reed, go fuck urself!!!! Look, i never comment that it wasn't never okay to be a stay at home mom. My thing with Mrs Romney is that she never ever work a fucking day of her gucci rich life. So how is she going to blame working moms for their decision on making money? And for Reed/ using the usher name Neci, dude you have my number bitch, please call me asap also get a damn life...

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