Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston: The Wedding Wars!

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What should be a euphoric time for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has become anything but ... according to a couple of clearly desperate tabloids, anyway.

Behind their public smiles - and despite the glow of Angelina's dazzling $500,000 ring - trouble is brewing, say anonymous sources quoted by OK! Magazine.

It seems that ever since Brad and Angelina got engaged, their forthcoming marriage is causing all sorts of chaos, leaving the couple constantly at odds.

Brad and Angelina Wedding BATTLE
Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie Tabloid Cover

Heck, mere mortal weddings can bring strife and panic. But when you're the World's Most Glamorous Couple, with six kids and serious baggage, well ... it's crazy.

"You'd think them finally getting engaged would have them high on love, but since the proposal, the shine has worn off," a close friend allegedly claims.

"Of course it's mainly come down to them having to agree on the details of the wedding, including the prenup, and there are loads of things they do not agree on."

Meanwhile, Life & Style is running with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux planning a summer wedding in Crete, which may actually be sort of accurate.

Still, Jen and Justin aren't even engaged, at least not that we know of, and the idea that they're trying to upstage Brangelina is patently ridiculous.

Aniston has been happy with her new man for some time, and does everything in her power to avoid stunts like that. Still, makes for great tabloid covers.


I do think its gona b hottt...


Samantha: jealous much? That engagement ring says a lot. Brad Pitt truly love him some Angelina. Jennifer Aniston have to be besides her self no matter what she says publicly, she is only human, her friend Chelsea Handler says it all, if JA wasn't upset by Brad's engagement Chelsea would not be ranting about Angie still. Another woman stepped in and took away what your life would have been, oscar red carpet, beautiful mansions and JA isn't hurt and angry, tell it to me,the man JA have now cannot afford such bling JA will have to purchase her engagement ring herself.


Angelina's freak human.


I can't believe that you people believe this stuff you only get what you are told not what you know and this is very sad ,don't blame Jennifer sor all this stuff about what Jennifer friends are saying because I don't believe any of this Ithink the media should lay off .I fBrad Pitt leaves Angelina I guess you will blame Jennifer again.I am for not one of these people but get fair


Angelina looks like Michael Jackson on that OK! cover. LOL What a trade-up Brad! From America's golden sweetheart to that anorexic thing!


'Trouble Brewing''........ugh. They've been reporting that for YEARS and Brangelina are still an item. Every week they report some sort of vicious fight, yet, they're still solidly together. Seriously, stop. And it's the tabloids that keep dragging Aniston/Jolie together as 'competitors'. Let them be their own people.


Wow, your post was so full of errors, yet you criticize others. Unbelievable! Here is a tip: ' is called an apostrophe. Use one every once in awhile, PLEASE!


dont the elementary schools teach kids how to spell "that" or "this"? Im serious- people leaving comments on sites and youtube cant spell the easiet words. Whats REALLY going on in the hood? Anyway how can anyone tell jolie she stole pitt from anisten? Dont you know its always the guys fault? HE was married. Most of them are. And i think women who brag about how great their men are doesnt mean they know about affairs. Maybe brad talked her into sex. You werent there. And apparently brad has cheated on jolie already.


Aniston and Jolie have both seem to move on in their lives. I don"t know why Aniston friends and fans continue to attack Jolie. Brad Pitt have spent more time with Jolie than Aniston. What about other hollywood stars who cheated on their spouse. Julia Roberts/ Hank and the list goes on. What about Jenifer current beau ex, she was living with the man for peace sake. I think it is about time Aniston speak out to her friends and fans to stop the hate, she and her friends even mock and make fun of the innocent kids.


Your comment made me literally laugh out loud! Why on earth would I be jealous of her. She is a weird wacko person and I want to be NOTHING like her. I have my own husband (didn't have to take him from anyone), and I have beautiful children, and a great career. I may not have her fame or money, but I can go to the grocery store or Walk down the streets in Manhatten without freaks taking pictures of me. Plus-most importantly-I have God in my heart, and I'm happy!
PS-Jenifer Aniston isn't an old maid. She was actually married to Brad when Jolie stole him from her. An old maid is someone who has never been married.

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