Sources: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Wed in France, Move to England

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie plan to tie the knot at last at their sprawling estate in France this summer, then move to England for at least two years, reports say.

While the newly-engaged couple says there is no date planned for their nuptials, the New York Post says they've spent the last six months planning them.

The plan, allegedly, is to hold a lavish wedding ceremony at their manse near the village of Correns, in the south of France, London’s Daily Star adds.

Angelina and Brad Photo

The engaged Brangelina will reportedly exchange vows in a pre-Roman chapel on the grounds before 200-300 guests, many of them Hollywood elites.

Pals George Clooney, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Jacqueline Bisset and her once-estranged father Jon Voight are expected to be on hand.

“They have been quietly preparing for one of the most glamorous show-business weddings of all time for months,” a close friend of the couple said.

“I’ve seen their chateau; it is one of the most romantic settings imaginable.”

As soon as the Brad-Angelina engagement news spread, locals began buzzing about “Le Mariage de Monsieur et Madame Smith,” a takeoff on Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

It seems like forever ago that Jolie caused an outcry after admitting she and Pitt fell in love during that flick, when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

Jen is reportedly happy for the couple, if you believe what you read.

All a distant memory now, in any case, as the couple and their six kids are set to spend at least two years making their home just outside London.

Jolie is planning to shoot her next three movies in the United Kingdom, according to The Sun, including one that may co-star soon-to-be-husband Pitt.

The two also are eager to be near London for the Summer Olympics and believe their kids will benefit from the immersion in UK culture, sources said.

“They loved it when they were in the UK last year,” a source said. “They like the culture and are happy for their children to receive schooling here.”

Will Brad and Angelina last?


i still believe it will be a LONG engagement....and i think, if it happens before EVERYONE has the RIGHT to marry, their simply doing it to MAKE their kids happy....and that's never a GOOD enough reason to get can fall apart....if their HAPPY as they are, WHY ruine it by getting married. alisa ps: to those asking WHO CARES? MUST have, because you clicked on the link and commented.


AJolie's face work is not good. Looks like she has implants in her cheeks and chin and her face is really stretched tight - not a pretty sight. who cares what they do? I do not think any Hollywood relationship last forever - especially when you have the money to start over again in a heartbeat. I think her face looks terrible and she is anorexic - keep you arms and legs and chest covered - please.


I wouldn`t believe till i saw the photos of them getting married.
These rumors of them getting married have been going on for years now!


Frankly I don't give a damn because this will end up in disaster because they are free to move around without having to get married but for the children they should have gotten married a very long time ago.


Suite. ...I mean sweet. I think their relationship is partly-open with a chance of psychotic meltdown, but I wish the best for them. They're cool people. :D


has anyone seen hoe hideous the ring is?


The two of them needs to be sittle for the sake of their children, coz their kids are growing so fast ,and they wants their parents looks happy and so the kids...Bran & Angie are in love to each other, but they just both so busy of their own career making differents movie's


That woman is crazy. And you can only hide crazy for so long. At least when Brad does something charitable, it's the folks right here in the US of A that benefit. Him, I have respect for, her...not so much.


Who cares what these two people do? Go away forever. Move to England. We won't miss you. Who cares? (Poor England)


what happen to what Brad said,'' we will not marry until everyone can get married'' Talking about gays. Can not stand these two people and I am sick of hearing about them, I am a firm believer of ''ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER!!!

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