Sources: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to Wed in France, Move to England

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie plan to tie the knot at last at their sprawling estate in France this summer, then move to England for at least two years, reports say.

While the newly-engaged couple says there is no date planned for their nuptials, the New York Post says they've spent the last six months planning them.

The plan, allegedly, is to hold a lavish wedding ceremony at their manse near the village of Correns, in the south of France, London’s Daily Star adds.

Angelina and Brad Photo

The engaged Brangelina will reportedly exchange vows in a pre-Roman chapel on the grounds before 200-300 guests, many of them Hollywood elites.

Pals George Clooney, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Jacqueline Bisset and her once-estranged father Jon Voight are expected to be on hand.

“They have been quietly preparing for one of the most glamorous show-business weddings of all time for months,” a close friend of the couple said.

“I’ve seen their chateau; it is one of the most romantic settings imaginable.”

As soon as the Brad-Angelina engagement news spread, locals began buzzing about “Le Mariage de Monsieur et Madame Smith,” a takeoff on Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

It seems like forever ago that Jolie caused an outcry after admitting she and Pitt fell in love during that flick, when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

Jen is reportedly happy for the couple, if you believe what you read.

All a distant memory now, in any case, as the couple and their six kids are set to spend at least two years making their home just outside London.

Jolie is planning to shoot her next three movies in the United Kingdom, according to The Sun, including one that may co-star soon-to-be-husband Pitt.

The two also are eager to be near London for the Summer Olympics and believe their kids will benefit from the immersion in UK culture, sources said.

“They loved it when they were in the UK last year,” a source said. “They like the culture and are happy for their children to receive schooling here.”

Will Brad and Angelina last?


Am happy for their children and hope this lasts because there's nothing like selfishly having children out of wedlock to make children feel insecure with their parents and their home life, and kids don't need that.


I could never quite understand what all the hype is about these 2.....Seriously, neither one can act, and i for one think Brad Pitt is nothing to looks at....why women go crazy over him is beyond for Angelina, she looks anorexic, her face looks waaaaay to big for her body, and they just seem messed up to me....good luck to them anyhow, and hope the marriage lasts....everyone knows the odds in Hollywood of a marriage lasting are slim to none....

Ms billie

This is another one of Angelina's stunts to get attention and she's getting it big time. I agree her face looks horrible along with the rest of her drug induced anorexic body. Even if they do get married it can't possibly last since neither one of them knows how to be faithful. Look at the way they're always fighting over crap what makes them or anyone think this could be a good marriage. We all know how she got Brad and he just interrupted a sneak meeting with her and her drug head ex-husband. This is a marriage made in hell and it won't last anytime.


I am very surprised by how long this has lasted. He looks absolutely exhausted and pretty rough in most photographs but whether that is down to the relationship and what goes with it only he knows. If they marry, I hope they will be content and the children will be happy. They are so well-known for this relationship these days that their film work goes past without many people noticing.


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Okay, so they're already living together, and have kids together...WHY the lavish wedding? Can't they just go to Africa or somewhere poor and tie the knot? Couldn't they help feed millions of children starving on the amount of money they will probably spend on a stupid wedding ceremony? Give me a break! Give the money to the poor and just go to the JP and change your names.


I'm happy for both of them and for their children. I wish them the very best.


She looks very happy.....I hope it lasts.


Those of you "nay-sayers" really amuse me, you profess how you dislike Brad and Angelina and don't care what they do - yet you read the articles about them, and take the time to post! Obviously, despite what you say - you DO care.
As for me, I wish them only happiness as a couple and a family. I adore Brad and if it can't be me he's going to marry (joke!) - I think he is really in love with Angelina, I hope she is faithful and treats him well. I wish they would live in the USA, but wherever they live, I'm sure we will be kept up with what goes on via the press. Many wishes for happiness and blessings for Brad and Angelina and their beautiful children.


Yeah go to the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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