Andy Cohen RIDICULED on SNL: Watch Now!

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On this week’s Saturday Night Live, Andy Cohen was mocked so relentlessly that many wondered if he'd be legitimately offended, but he took it like a good sport.

Taran Killam starred as the Bravo host, portraying him as a fame-obsessed, egotistical, flamboyant moderator of Watch What Happens Live ... which he sort of is.

Still, the snark was off the charts, with a couple of "yeah, they really said that" kind of moments. The source material wasn't upset by it, however. On the contrary.

Upon learning of the skit, Cohen tweeted, “OMG the one night I go to bed early I’m lampooned on SNL?! Great job I am flattered! #ImLikeAShark #VeryCute.”

Good to know he can take it as well as he dishes it out:


The best part of that skit was the part with Tabatha. That was a horrible Andy Cohen impression. No Plead the 5th, No Mazels, No Drinking game alert, no Jackholes, no wanky eye, no funny faces....Just underwhelming.


I agree could have been better , no cross eyes or stupid funny faces that Andy makes !! Boring as shit SNL needs new writers !!


I didn't think the skit was that mean to could have been a lot worse. He didn't even do the cross eyes or plead the 5th. That COULD have been a very funny skit, but it failed. I agree with Suzie, SNL definitely needs some new writing AND actors. Hasn't been funny for a few years now...


I thought the SNL skit was just stupid. The impersonation of Andy Cohen was so exaggerated, he was almost unrecognizable. I think Taran Killam should be the one embarassed by such a poor performance. Saturday Night Live needs some need blood - new writers and actors!

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