American Idol Top 7 Performance Night: Soul Singing

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Seven finalists. 14 performances.

On last night's American Idol, the remaining contestants sang a pair of tracks each: first, they covered a "Now" single from the year 2000 and beyond. Then, they went with a soul-based "Then" song, tackling artists such as Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. Relive the latter half of the evening below and then vote on your favorite...

Hollie Cavanagh for hour number-two started with "Son Of A Preacher Man," one of our favorite singles from that era.

Up next, Colton Dixon went from Lady Gaga to Earth, Wine and Fire, sitting behind a piano for a version of "September."

Elise Testone then got us into the mood via the Marvin Gaye classic "Let's Get It On." Will it help her move on?

Phillip Phillips proceeded to show off his versatility, following an Usher cover with a rendition of "Midnight Hour."

From there, Jessica Sanchez made a plea to "Try A Little Tenderness," as she hopes to avoid another placement in the bottom three. The judges, of course, are all out of saves.

Skylar Laine, who also did Lady Gaga proud with her first performance, then lamented how she "Heard It Through the Grapevine." We adore her.

Finally, Joshua Ledet took us home by telling the world that "A Change is Gonna Come."

Which of these performances did you like best?


I haven't watched much this seaosn....I've sorta switched over to The Voice. However, that girl has got some kind of talent!!! OMG....gave me goose bumps and just love her voice and style!


I think saving Jessica was set up so that the judges would use the save. I don't think there Sould be a save, with that said Jessica Sould not be there now I wonder if Hollie would be the the one to bet if Jessica was gone. I hate how the judges try to get in America's head on how thay Sould vote,Thay make a big deal on some people and pull the chair out on others.


Jessica? No way! The jugdes are crazy saying she's the best singer in america today! She can sing, but let's not make a big deal of it. She has a good voice, but joshua is better, and Hollie has a stronger voice, just need to let go a little bit. Jessica looks like an 80 years old frog each time she goes out, she overdoes and over dresses too! Phillip!!!!what an artist!! He's gonna be huge! Nd Colton wil sell millions of records( If Justin B, does why not a truly talented boy???)I vote for Phillip-Hollie-Joshua and somebody please make elise go home once and for all! She can sing sometimes better than others but it is painful to watch her sing!


I think it's going to be Jessica and Phillip at the end. 2 different kind of music but their the best among these remaining 7. Joshua is really good as well but I don't think he has any fan base. Jessica will be safe from here on.


Jessica sanchez is boring and ugly.


To Doh, I don't see any connection between Sanchez and Zimmerman. Isn't Sanchez from the Phillipines? I am confused. I have not voted for Jessica because I do not like the type of music she represents. If you are into the Whitney Houston/Mariah Carrey kind of music, then she the girl for you, but I'm more into music like Phil and Elise do. I love their voices and would buy their albums. If I wanted to hear music like Jessica's, then I would buy Whitney's. She was SOOOO good.


The Elise version of Get It On was embarrassing to say the least. I can't get really into any of them.


Racial bias goes both ways


Who else feels that Sanchez being voted off had anything to do with the Zimmerman case?

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