American Idol Top 6 Performances: Choosing Wisely?

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The top six on American Idol were given two tasks on last night's performance show:

  1. Cover a Queen classic.
  2. Cover any song your heart your heart desires.

The latter option led to tracks made famous by artists such as Jim Hendrix, Miley Cyrus and Dave Matthews. Who came out on top? Whose second round performance makes him/her deserving of your vote? Watch them all now and then cast it...

Jessica Sanchez initiated the second round of performances with a take on Luther Vandross. She just wants to "Dance With My Father," people.

Skylar Laine then followed up a terrific version of "The Show Must Go On" with a flawless cover of "Tattoos on This Town." She's our favorite at this point.

Hollie Cavanagh didn't reach far back for her selection, honoring Miley Cyrus with the following rendition of "The Climb."

Joshua Ledet made India Arie proud with a lovely performance of "Ready For Love."

Elise Testone making like Hendrix? The finalist actually pulled it off well with this cover of  "Bold As Love."

And, finally, in the least surprising choice of the night, Phillip Phillips emulated Dave Matthews with "The Stone."



I dont know who is voting, but how in the heck could hejeun still be on there. If he is funny then i dont know what funny is, and I cant even understand him So he's doing it for the kids back home. Well all these singers are doing it for someone, what makes his more important .All I could say is what a shame, you could see the look on the judges faces when Erika was the one who got voted off. No wonder so many people I know stopped watching this. It's great that you give us a vote, but you are the judges, there is know way Heejun is a better singer than Erika.. Very disturbing. In the long run, she will go alot further than him YILK


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I am not a fan of Queen, and last nites performances were just ok for me...i really don't know who is going to win this year, but i will say this much....i DO NOT like Philip Phillips....the faces he makes are ridiculous, and i think he is a no-talent nothing, and is totally money is on Jessica Sanchez, but i have a feeling she won't win because of her ethnicity, which is sad...she would be the first asian to win....

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