American Idol Results: Down to Five

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Following a performance night that saw the remaining American Idol contestants cover both Queen and a song of their choice, six finalists awaited their fate this evening.

And after both Stefano Langone and Katy Perry took the stage, we were left with Elise Testone, Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine in the bottom three. There's no way viewers were voting out Laine, right? Right?!?

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Instead, Elise Testone heard her name called by Ryan Seacrest to conclude the episode. The soulful crooner bid farewell via "Whole Lotta Love," as J. Lo got up and danced and the crowd offered one final ovation.

What do you think? Did America get it right? Should Elise have been eliminated?




Looks like theirs some tightly whites in here! Jessica has no stage presence...?! Skylar or Philip should win? Jessica is a superstar in the making, she is only in her mid teens and has tons of stage presence. It should come down to Josh and Jess in the end, though Philip has a bit of an advantage with the largest segment of voters (young girls) He is truly great, but a bit one dementinal, he could have a great carrier but will never be mega mainstream. Skylar is also great, she could have a few really great songs on the top 100 I'm sure in her carrier, Hollie has the potential to be the next Celine Dion with the right people behind her. Josh is a timeless phenom, who with the right songs could easily become as big as Micheal Buble, Jessica on the other hand could dominate the charts with good original songs, and that my friends is the ultimate definition of an idol in the music industry.


Trust me, it ain't just the young girls that love Phillip! I'm 40, and he takes my breath away! I LOVE the way he moves on that stage! Shew!


I agree everyone should vote for Jessica. Even the judges say she is "the best singer in America!". I am glad that the judges saved her, Viewers shouldn't be given the right to vote, you who didn't vote for her had to be shown who running the show, cause you can't!


Come on haters Josh is by far the best but i think jessica should win it...


@betty..phil phillips does not have a style all his own. He is a complete ripoff of dave matthews. The way he moves on stage, the guitar, the facial expressions, the singing style..everything. skylar yells too much and holly just doesn't belong. Once again the voters got it wrong. Elise has the most unique voice and its moronic that she got voted off before phil skylar n especially holly. Phil is only there cuz the young girls think he's cute. Elise better get signed by someone cuz she is defenitely the most marketable one of them all. I'm ready for xfactor


Jessica is so so superior than the rest ..... with amazing beautiful voice and great confidence , she will be this season winner .
Go on Jessica , I'm waiting your victory .


I think Phillip or Sylar should win because they know who they are as artists and they have their own style and know who they are and what kind of music they want to sing and they don't have to change to please people. Jessica is talented but she needs a few more years to grow in her stage performance. Josh and Hollie are okay but I don't feel they are the best.


Phillip needs to win He is awesome


Vote for Skylar she should win.........


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