American Idol Results: Elimination Night Shocker!

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American Idol treated us to seven great performances last night.

But the remaining finalists were forced to look ahead on this evening's results show, as America voted and revealed an inevitable, but sad result for one aspirant:

He or she is going home. Who's on to the top six and who's out?

American Idol Top 7

It looked briefly like fan favorite Phillip Phillips might be in danger, but it came down to a surprising bottom three: Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone.

That's right, arguably the three best singers remaining on the show were in danger of getting booted, making for the most gut-wrenching elimination this year.

The contestant getting the boot this week was an even bigger stunner, too. Who was it? You're not going to believe it, but the lowest vote-getter was ...

Jessica Sanchez.

The studio erupted in chaos at this news, but as she began to sing for her life, she was interrupted by Jennifer Lopez, who informed her that she had been ...

SAVED by the judges!!

There it is, the one and only judges' save of the season, used on a powerhouse performer who definitely didn't deserve to be in danger, let alone go home.

"We are saving Jessica, without a doubt!" Randy said as the judges engulfed her. "This girl is one of the best singers in America! Ever! Are you kidding me!"

"Everybody, please vote for the best! Come on!"

It remains to be seen if America will heed his words a week from now, but for now, all seven singers survive heading into next Wednesday's Top 7: Reloaded.

What do you think? Did the judges make the right call?


I am not a big fan of Jessica's. I just can't get into her music. It's nothing against her personally. I wouldn't buy her CD. I WOULD buy Phil Phillips, though. Out of the girls, Elise is the only album I would consider buying, and for the guys, it's Phil and maybe Colton, but not for sure. I predict Phil will win. His type of music is hot right now. Not the others'.


America got it wrong ? Don't think so Dog! It's obvious when Stoyie talor said they will use thier vote before any one was going home it is obvious the judges have their favorites. Hollie had the best performances of the night if not the whole season and not one of the judges could give Hollie her props. If not for Joe Perry I would have smashed my Aerosmith albums I liked Jessica but I believed she had a off night but she still got raves by this panel of judges I just dont think it's fair. Hope everybody votes truly for the best performance then Jessica and Joshua can share a cab home


How can anyone describe Jessica as boring? She beats all of the others hands down in terms of talent. To describe her as having no emotion in her songs is unbelievable . She is the biggest WOW factor I've seen on this show.


What ever happens from now on at Idol, Jessica Sanchez is already a star!


Actually Hollie should go home, last week, she does not have the complete 'what it takes' to be America's Idol. I think Jessica should go soon as she has pretty much used up her ability to impress. She is very young and not ready to be America's Idol. If they really want a talented girl (woman) to win, Elise is the ONE!


No RANDY, America got it right. Jessica is so boring, the same songs every week. She is like a robot with no personlity. She may have a good voice but that does not make a star. She should have gone home. How dare you insult the other contestants with your bias.


It is so sad what people would write. Jessica is so superior over the other singers & I think her lack of emotion may be off-pudding to the viewers. I truly hope America will get it right because Jessica should become the next America Idol!


Excellent work judges for saving Jessica! She has an incredible voice with the brilliance and maturity that come with it. She is the whole package when it comes to being a great performer, and with her age to consider comes a true natural and god-given talent.


I personally like jessica, she has a truly remarkable voice, and totally deserves to be kept in. From an avid watcher from the U.K.


It is absolutely absurd that anyone is trying to throw the (RACIAL) card in this. It has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with finding someone who has the entire package. I didn't agree with the decision years ago to allow minors to compete in this competition and I still don't because they are simply not developed enough or perpared for this level of competition. Jessica Sanchez is undeniably one of the best voices in the competition if you want to fall asleep while standing in an elevator, she has no diversity in her performances, all she has is slow and drawn out. A true talented performer can handle not only ballads but up tempo songs as well. A true talented performer also showcases his/her personality. Oh and to all of you idiots who keep throwing out the racisim card, you are the ones who are small minded and racist.


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