American Idol Results: Elimination Night Shocker!

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American Idol treated us to seven great performances last night.

But the remaining finalists were forced to look ahead on this evening's results show, as America voted and revealed an inevitable, but sad result for one aspirant:

He or she is going home. Who's on to the top six and who's out?

American Idol Top 7

It looked briefly like fan favorite Phillip Phillips might be in danger, but it came down to a surprising bottom three: Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone.

That's right, arguably the three best singers remaining on the show were in danger of getting booted, making for the most gut-wrenching elimination this year.

The contestant getting the boot this week was an even bigger stunner, too. Who was it? You're not going to believe it, but the lowest vote-getter was ...

Jessica Sanchez.

The studio erupted in chaos at this news, but as she began to sing for her life, she was interrupted by Jennifer Lopez, who informed her that she had been ...

SAVED by the judges!!

There it is, the one and only judges' save of the season, used on a powerhouse performer who definitely didn't deserve to be in danger, let alone go home.

"We are saving Jessica, without a doubt!" Randy said as the judges engulfed her. "This girl is one of the best singers in America! Ever! Are you kidding me!"

"Everybody, please vote for the best! Come on!"

It remains to be seen if America will heed his words a week from now, but for now, all seven singers survive heading into next Wednesday's Top 7: Reloaded.

What do you think? Did the judges make the right call?


I'm in New Zealand & tonight was just as shocked as were the judges to see what are probably the very best three contestants in the contest being voted as the bottom three, but this type of voting seems to happen every year of course, regardless of the fact that the judges keep reminding the voters that this is a singing contest & the best singers should be voted in this case Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez & Elise Testone....most of the others are really just so so.


American idol is a contest of what? about the way he/she looks or the talents they have, i guess not i think the real reason is earning "MONEY" everything they do is about that,


Those who are not in favor of Jessica were and are giving mean comments...RAndy said Jessica is ONE of the BEST SINGER in America not the best in the world or America... I guess the 3 JUDGES are PROFESSIONAL enough to give their REACTION B4 its too late...and so they made the right decision to interrupt the show...think widely people in the world...


Judges should be embarassed they told America that Jessica was the best in the contest. Why watch the rest of the show? They constantly pick on Holly and people like her better


My best wishes to you Jessica. OTHER people can say whatever they want ... they still couldn't accept that you are an amazing performer.


I thought that the American Idol is a singer that the general public would be most likely go to the their concerts and buy their music, not the person that the judges like best. All seven of those singers have what it takes to be the American Idol. How do you think the 6 other singers sitting there felt hearing the judges say America got it wrong that one of them should have went home not Jessica. Yes Jessica is a good singer but I would not buy an album of hers nor go to a concert. Unfortunatly if two other singers have an off night next week she will remain and they will go home. If this keeps up I may not continue to watch Idol next year as I feel the judges just told me I was stupid for picking someone else over Jessica. As someone said in a comment above probably everyone of the singers up there will get a record contract.


I was not bothered about the results - voting Jessica off. I WAS bothered by the judge's response, they basically stood there and told us how to vote. I will continue to vote for who I like. They kept Heejun on the show for waaay to long, they have some nerve telling us who we need to vote for....


Jessica Sanchez is not the problem the problem is in the way American Idol allows the public to vote. With a redial phone you can dail hundreds of times in two hours. Even with self dialing you can vote lots of times in 2 hours. American Idol should put a limit on the times that one person can vote like The Voice dose.


Even this comments blog is a little crazy. 80% in this pole voted 'Jessica is awesome' but if you read the blog it sounds more like 50:50. If the majority doesn't vote (or in this case doesn't comment), the passionate minority wins!


Jessica is stuck on herself she is a snob. I love Hollie she is real, I like ColtonAnd Elise too.Tyler has bad mouthed Hollie every week maybe people got sick of it. All we ever heard about was Jessica. Boring she is. Hopefully she'll go home next week.I would like anyone but Jessica to win. I wouldn't buy or download her music sounds all the same.


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