American Idol Power Rankings: The Top 5

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We are down to the final five.

With the elimination of Elise Testone this week, American Idol kicked off its home stretch on season 11, meaning this is an ideal time to line up the remaining contestants in a Power Poll and ask readers who they think will win.

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5. Hollie Cavanaugh: She's made a living in the bottom three for weeks now. A perfectly strong voice, deserving of a place in the top five, but next Thursday night should be it for her. Lacks a personality or anything distinct to go with the vocals.

4. Joshua Ledet: We rank him fourth, but wouldn't object to him winning the whole thing. The talent is there, but, to many, so is some yelling and a bit of over-acting. But if you like theatrics, Ledet is your man.

3. Jessica Sanchez: Responsible for the single best performance of the season, her cover of Whitney's "I Will Always Love You." Has a lot of Pia Toscano in her. We mean that as a big compliment.

2. Phillip Phillips: He just can't win, people. Seriously, it would make like five straight handsome white guys who play guitars. The talent is there, the consistency is there, and we feel bad holding David Cook and Kris Allen against Phillip. But we need a change.

1. Skylar Laine: And let's hope Laine benefits from that change. She's fun, she's eccentric, she has her own sound. Her cover of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" is what American Idol is all about.


Carol worth

I really want "DeAndre" and "Elise" back. But, of all the above, I think "Skylar" is the best bet. Love Phillip but not sure I'd listen to an entire CD of him. Joshua is also good! ~0;-)


I think it should be Skyler and Jessica, I would prefer Skyler to win and she is an entertainer and Jessica is young and has a lot to learn, she can sing but she can not hold down a concert on her own but I am sure it wont turn out that way, Philip has the female vote and he is ok but getting boring, Joshua screams and looks wierd...Hollie is cute and sings many songs good, Its still fun to watch and I am sure Skyler will have a carrer.


Phil Phillips may be cute, have a winning smile and sparkly eyes, but the guy can't sing. Be honest...Phil has a range of about one octave and only gets by on his gravelly Dave Matthews delivery and his sexy looks. He should not win. For me, the most talented and accomplished performer/singer is Joshua. His talent blows me away every week. He can be the new Al Green/Wilson Picket/Jackie Wilson/Otis Redding all rolled into one. Skylar Laine also has the goods to be a major County star.


I like the ranking on top, very realistic comments. Though I want Sanchez to win but I still think Phillip will win this. I think this season is not the time to break the spell for cute-white-guy-in-his-guitar winning the title. I agree too that Skylar has a big shot in stealing it. Actually anyone winning is okay with me after Hollie's elimination. Everytime she sings, I ask my dad "and why the hell is she still there?" lol


Jessica will definitely win. . .she is a STAR. . she will sell millions of her albums. Even inheritance youtube videos millions of people were watching n rooting for her.


Jessica Sanchez lack of PERSONALITY .. let's face my fellow filipino countrymen she has the great voice but personality isn't there i will vote for Skylar more cause she's fun and energetic. It's not about the race it's just that they find jessica too perfect and being perfect is BORING!! matauhan n nga tayo!!


all of them are actually amazing and talented and I think we have the best bunch of contestants this year ( I wish Colton and Elise are still on the race). I am rooting for Jessica Sanchez though


JESSICA SANCHEZ FOR THE WIN !!! IT'S BEEN 5 YEARS SINCE A GIRL HAS WON ! Vote the whole 2 hours for Jess Wednesday nights on fox !


I think Phillip will win. He is so good. I like him better than the past few winners, and I loved all of them! Skylar and Joshua are good too. Hollie and Jessica get on my nerves. They need to go. I hate that I will even have to watch them at the concert this year, but I'd I want to see Phillip, I guess I'll suffer through it.


I LOVE PHILLIP! His voice gives me "goosies!!!". He is awesome. I really hope he wins. Skyler is good too, and hopefully will be #2. Then Joshua@ #3, and the other two...who cares. I'm not into Jessica or the little blonde. They both lack personality and character. I just haven't fallen in love with them like the other three. They are blah, and I wouldn't buy their music. I would definitely buy Phillpi's album. When he sang "somebody that I use to know" with Elise, HE ROCKED! Better than the original!

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