Moron Amber Portwood Ordered to Quit Freeloading Off Government Housing

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been ordered by a judge to pay money to compensate the real estate company that was suing to evict her. Why?

For lying about her income and qualifying, illegally, for government subsidized housing as a result of that lie. Some people will do anything for a buck.

While Portwood was in jail this winter, a rental company sued her for eviction after they saw she lied about her "low-income" status on her application.

Amber's income in 2010? A modest $280,000.

Gary Shirley, Amber Portwood

Amber and baby daddy Gary Shirley in happier times.

This disqualifies her from subsidized government housing, clearly, and an Indiana judge ruled in the rental company's favor in the case earlier this month.

Amber Portwood not bothering to respond to the suit probably didn't help her cause. She must pay the company back or face further legal consequences.

Otherwise it's back to the slammer, most likely, given that she's been on thin ice with probation as it is. At least jail is free, however. Food for thought.

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It irratates the tar out of me how she made 280K last year and got low income housing, while I make barely 12K a year and can not get it! And we live in SAME STATE!! Maybe I should have lied on my app but oh wait, I have something called MORALS!!!! Get your stuff straight Amber! Between you and Jenell I dont know who is the bigger trainwreck!


Jail is not free. Thankfully I know this not from personal experience. Many jails charge $15 a day and upwards.


These girls are nothing but trash. I dated Farrah Abraham and she is a first class loser.

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