Amanda Bynes: Looking to Party After DUI Arrest, Denied By Hollywood Bar

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Not even a full day after Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI last week, the actress returned to continue partying at a Hollywood bar, only to be turned away.

Bynes and some friends tried to enter the hotel bar at The Standard Hotel on Sunset Boulevard on Friday night, but the doorman refused to let the star in.

According to TMZ, hotel staff members were aware of Bynes drinking at the nightclub at The Standard on Thursday evening, hours before her DUI arrest.

In case she pulled a repeat performance, they wanted nothing to do with it.

Amanda Bynes Out of Jail

Amanda Bynes after getting bailed out of jail Friday afternoon.

Sources say she and her friends left the hotel without incident after getting negged.

The 26-year-old actress got popped driving through West Hollywood around 3 a.m. Friday morning after she allegedly side-swiped another car.

A police car, as luck and her incredibly irresponsible behavior would have it.

Amanda Bynes was released on $5,000 bail, then got dressed up to go out.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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Amanda is sooooo friggin hot...look at those legs.....Hubba Hubba


Well they did what they felt was right..but she is still young and wants to go out....hopefully she learns not to drink and drive...take a taxi instead...