Amanda Bynes' Father on DUI Arrest: She Wasn't Drunk at All!

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Amanda Bynes' father is not just standing by his daughter in the aftermath of her DUI arrest on Friday. He says she absolutely was not drunk that night.

"She was not drunk," Rick Bynes told People. "I'm told she blew a zero on the Breathalyzer. She didn't have a single drink. My daughter doesn't drink."

The elder Bynes claims the the cop who arrested Amanda Bynes was at fault for pulling out in front of the actress as she was turning at an intersection.

While she was arrested for DUI after side-swiping the cop, Rick adamantly says his daughter was not impaired, just extremely "upset and very emotional."

Amanda Bynes Outside Jail

Adding that she was released with no bail, Rick went on to say, "Amanda is a good girl. She just chooses not to work, and because of that, people go after her."

That's ... an interesting theory we hadn't considered.

What we know is that Bynes was at L.A.'s Greystone Manor Supperclub Thursday night. She was cited for investigation of DUI around 3 a.m. Friday, then held overnight at the West Hollywood Sheriff's department's station post-arrest.

She and some friends reportedly went back to that same bar the next night - just hours after her release from jail - only to be turned away by the staff.

While authorities would not comment on the star's specific case, Bynes was released with the citation and will have to show up in court when a date is set.


Another once beautiful face destroyed by the warped view of what Hollywood "stars" should look like. She's getting older by the minute. Stop drinking Amanda it's already taking a toll and you're way too young to start your decline.


It could have been DUID, who side swipes a cop then blames them? She's upset because she got caught. It's that simple.


Multiple sources stated she was released on $5K bail, so why is he saying she was released without bail? Also, this site posted that Amanda was denied entrance to the Standard by the door people becuase of her drunk behavior the prior night. If she didn't have any drinks that night(when she got smacked for a DUI), why would they say that and not let her in? Doesn't make sense. NO ONE is going after Amanda because she doesn't one even cares about her! But she did side swipe a cop, and people should care about that. Is he going to deny she did that too? This girl went to a bar hours after being released from jail...she's a lush, and he's in denial!


The thing is if she didn't blow a zero on the Breathalyzer, it'll come out in court, so why bother lying? It's possible she wasn't drinking and she got very upset and the cop thought she might be under the influence of something else. The fact she didn't have to pay bail either makes me think this case may not be clear cut. How about people hold off on the judgment until the court case and there's all the facts out there?


Yes of course! Cuz everyone is arrested for DUI while sober. At 3am. Sure, thats a completely believable story! Not. Get real. Say shes struggling and going to rehab or made a mistake or something believable jeez


Amazing how this kid was a shooting star in showbiz and is content throwing away her career.


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