Amanda Bynes Continues Crashing, Partying

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Amanda Bynes may have been arrested for DUI in early April, but the actress isn't letting that legal hiccup get in the way of her Hollywood partying!

The troubled star - friends say Bynes has been lost for years - drove herself to hot spot Greystone Manor last night, where she was photographed texting behind the wheel... prior to backing her car over a curb in a red zone!

See for yourself:

Amanda Bynes at the Wheel
Amanda Bynes' Car

Bynes did eventually make it into the establishment, which is more than can be said for the day after her arrest.

Mere hours after the actress was released on bail following her drunk driving incident, she was denied access at THE SAME BAR she had frequented the evening before. At the very least, someone should tell Amanda to text a cab next time.


i have watch your movie before your great on doing those dont mess your life plz...thanks


Comeon amanda, yhu can do better than ds plssss change..... We love yhu, I love yhu.... Africa loves yhu


Shes been the consummate Hollywood Disney character her whole life and now she's rebelling it's really obvious


This chic is lindsay lohan junior in the making..just stay the fuck home and spend ur money elsewhere ya douche!


Creepy how adults are worshiping 'baby' looks and calling each other baby...what's wrong with growing up?? It's actually a lot more fun. If your values are based on whether or not someone resembles a baby you are really screwed up! And shallow.


Amanda is still a cute kid with
Lovely baby facial skin and neck. Atleast she wasn't drunk and drugged out.


I really used to like her but she is sure turning into one hot mess

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