Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI

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Let's give Amanda Bynes credit: the actress didn't merely get arrested for DUI early this morning. She made her arrest count!*

As first reported by TMZ, Bynes was busted around 3 a.m. in West Hollywood after she attempted to pass a police car in hew BMW... and ended up side-swiping the vehicle!

Amanda Bynes Mug Shot

Following this incident cops pulled the 26-year old over, determined she was not fit to be driving and hauled her into the station. She was released hours later on $5,000 bond.

* We are just kidding. No DUI arrest ever "counts" for anything positive. Stay alive, readers. Don't drink and drive.

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another butterface.


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Amanda Bynes Arrested and Leaving Jail in West Hollywood Videos Revealed Here


Lets just hope she learned her lesson hand doesn't become the next Lindsey Lohan!


OMG.. that doesnt even look like her.. What happened to her?


Oh Amanda, what happened to you? You were my favourite actress and I just thought you were wonderful, but honestly you look really messed up now and seem like you are on drugs. Please go back to how you were and be safe: don't drink and drive!


i dont think she has plans to do that again...hey we all mess up no one is perfect...yep i dont think she would want another mugshot posted everywhere on internet...


LOLzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! I knew her career was dead when she started hanging out with that BULLY Perez Hilton! She a vapid nobody!


MoniLove, you are so right. What she did is no big deal...she only sideswiped a car! You're as big a f'ing moron as this trash who thinks she can get sh*tfaced and then get behind the wheel. They DO have cabs in West Hollywood...why do celebs refuse to use them?She probably was on drugs too...look at how messed up her face looks in this mug shot. Is this why she "retired" from acting at 23? Way to do something good with your life, Amanda.

Avatar Lyam? And hopefully she will learn her leason.