Alicia Silverstone on Unusual Baby Feeding Video: No Regrets!

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Alicia Silverstone wants you to know she has no regrets about the highly unusual (and surprisingly controversial) way she feeds her son. So chew on that, haters.

The star made headlines last month when she posted a video that showed Alicia chewing food for her baby and transferring it to his mouth directly from hers.

Now she's defending herself from critics poking fun or criticizing her for it, saying it has been an accepted practice for millennia and she's not about to stop.

"People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands of years," she said this past weekend at a sneak preview of her new film, Vamps.

"It's a weaning process. It's just a process that has been going on for thousands of years of humanity ... I didn't think I was inventing anything."

"I wasn't saying this was anything somebody should do," Silverstone explained. "I wasn't trying to be independent or cause such a ruckus."

"But I'm very glad that I did it."

Bear seems to love it, anyway. He "literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I'm eating," she wrote when posting the baby video.


Ok sorry, I have kids, this is gross. Moosh it up with a fork. I don't think her dentist would agree that the bacteria from her mouth is good for her baby.


oh i commented before i read the other comments all you people that say there is nothing wrong with what she is doing need to read what she said again! He flies across the room when he thinks she is eating and attacks her mouth! What kind of manners are you people teaching these days!! Is it going to be cute when he has teeth and hes doing this foolishness! Teach him to use a fork!!!


i dont know where she has been for the last thousand years but i dont know of anyone that spits into thier childs mouth! Her child does not need her germs in his mouth and i have 4 kids i know kids need help with eating food sometimes but get a dam food processor or squish it with a fork!! And she posted that for all to see because she knew it would cause people to talk about it sounds like a cry for attention! WIERDO!!


Perhaps that thousand-year-old technique was invented when humans ran out of hands to use to feed their children or didn't have spoon or chopsticks or forks. Subconsicpuslu, women do that to brainwash their male children to stay devoted to their mothers over other the women they choose to mate with by forming a kissing connection between the mother and son first. I wonder if Miss Alicia will do the same to a girl daughter to form a lesbian connection between the mother and daughter to seal the devotion in the family.


@A dad I agree with your statement! Alicia is actually making her kid stronger in the long run....studies have proven that...... So all you retarded critiques....uhm......get your fucked up comments checked first before commenting!!


You people that think it's gross or unhealthy, look up how much rat feces or roaches are allowed in your ketchup or other foods then mommas spit won't seem so bad . And if it really worries you that much of things you put in your mouth I feel quite certain your sex life will go down the tubes in a short amount of time. All of the germ free parents are the ones that are responsible for kids getting sick and not being able to fight a virus or other bugs that 99% of other kids have no problem with. Look up on your Internet browser how to build up immunity against sickness. A little spit a little dirt a bug or two and lots of love get these kids to adulthood so they can chew a little food for the kids they bring into the world ! Morons !


People are entitled to there own opinons, she posted the video herself. She knew what she was doing. Dont you have anything better to do than worry about what other people say. Im a mum and just because i bought a blender and didnt make my child eat my chewed up food doesnt mean i love them any less u idiot. What a stupid thing to say


OMG all u haters if u don't like what u c then don't look. Mind ur own business & stop being obsessed with what the celebrities r doing. I have 4 kids & have fed all my kids like that too! So many parents do that still even in 2012.... With new age blenders & all..big deal!! Its personal choice & what works 4 u. Kids put worse things in their mouth then their mothers spit. Dirt, sand.. Really people have u nothing better 2 do than complain about this. Get a life!


I think that what Alicia did was her business. It is her child. She didn't do anything that was morally wrong. She fed her child. There is nothing wrong with feeding your children that way, if that is what you choose to do. I think that all of you haters should just mind your own business. she seems like a great mom.


if i knew my mom fed me that way as a toddler, i wouldnt be able to look at her the same. Without puking in my own mouth. Id be pissed at her.

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