Alicia Silverstone on Unusual Baby Feeding Video: No Regrets!

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Alicia Silverstone wants you to know she has no regrets about the highly unusual (and surprisingly controversial) way she feeds her son. So chew on that, haters.

The star made headlines last month when she posted a video that showed Alicia chewing food for her baby and transferring it to his mouth directly from hers.

Now she's defending herself from critics poking fun or criticizing her for it, saying it has been an accepted practice for millennia and she's not about to stop.

"People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands of years," she said this past weekend at a sneak preview of her new film, Vamps.

"It's a weaning process. It's just a process that has been going on for thousands of years of humanity ... I didn't think I was inventing anything."

"I wasn't saying this was anything somebody should do," Silverstone explained. "I wasn't trying to be independent or cause such a ruckus."

"But I'm very glad that I did it."

Bear seems to love it, anyway. He "literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I'm eating," she wrote when posting the baby video.


What a bunch of BS. There is nothing unusual about how she feeds her son. Mothers do this so their child won't choke on new foods. This allows her child to try foods that he wouldn't normally eat because he has no teeth. My mom did it for me and I know plenty of other moms who do it for their children. It is okay, as they have the same biology (is that the right word?). Later when the child gets his own teeth and individual biology, she will not have to do this for him. Nothing wrong with it, leave this woman alone.


she is a sik woman nd i believe the welfare system in america is sick nd needs overhauling.


Really? when did it become anyones business to JUDGE anyone for parental practices aside from something that was harming the child..the fact is this country focuses on the sexual side of things...because shes transferring food into her babies mouth..not to kiss but to make sure he doesnt choke....there are more germs in the hospital..where people get staph infections from being sick and going there...I love my daughter and if she needed it I would chew her food and spit in in her mouth in a heartbeat...its putting the needs of your child first. Some of these comments make me sick


Chill out, geez!! She isn't doing anything strange or making a "kissing connection" as someone stated. She's a mom and he's her little boy. If she chooses to mash her food and let him eat it, I think she has the right to do it. I didn't find anything disgusting about this video. I have chewed food and shared it with my own 7 children when they were too young to handle it otherwise(on occasion, directly from my own mouth, GASP!). None of them have dental problems, problems with social manners or strange bonding issues. They are all happy and healthy children as I'm sure her son will be!!


Why are some of you people so mean and judgemental. The kid will be fine. He won't grow up and want to eat from his mother's mouth. He's not going to die from bacteria. If anything he'll have a stronger immune system from being exposed to it. Studies have shown that being too germaphobic can actually make you more susceptible to sickness. To each his own. So please, calm down.


Its just some narrow minded people's opinion. Maybe look at the other side before making it an unhygienic. Read me


Ok I am a mother and work in early childhood development, this is stupid she has no clue and it's fowl a child needs to learn to chew his too old for puréed food he needs solids that are solids also the bacteria in her mouth is harmful on his digestive system and no we didn't always do this back in the day this is where baby lead weaning came into play for all you who think its good google blw it's healthier and teaches your kid not to be fussy and let alone not chew the food fair enough chew meat etc but then the kid eat it from her mouth is rank


Full Retard is what I say. Sigh. And I thought I'd seen it all. That poor child. And what the heck kind of name did she give him???


I see nothing wrong with this. I fed both my kids meat (and other hard to chew things) this way when they were too young to chew it themselves. Sometimes straight from my mouth and sometimes chewing and putting on their plate. I didn't think I was doing anything weird, just what my mother's instincts told me to do. I'm not a hippy, or a new-ager, I'm also not a germaphobe.


Yeah sure he attacks her mouth. She was practically forcing him to do it and sticking her head in his face. She posted the video so people are aloud to voice there opinion.

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