Alicia Silverstone on Unusual Baby Feeding Video: No Regrets!

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Alicia Silverstone wants you to know she has no regrets about the highly unusual (and surprisingly controversial) way she feeds her son. So chew on that, haters.

The star made headlines last month when she posted a video that showed Alicia chewing food for her baby and transferring it to his mouth directly from hers.

Now she's defending herself from critics poking fun or criticizing her for it, saying it has been an accepted practice for millennia and she's not about to stop.

"People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands of years," she said this past weekend at a sneak preview of her new film, Vamps.

"It's a weaning process. It's just a process that has been going on for thousands of years of humanity ... I didn't think I was inventing anything."

"I wasn't saying this was anything somebody should do," Silverstone explained. "I wasn't trying to be independent or cause such a ruckus."

"But I'm very glad that I did it."

Bear seems to love it, anyway. He "literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I'm eating," she wrote when posting the baby video.


Just watched the video and read a few comments. Alicia said her child runs to her when he sees her chewing something.Yeh he runs the poor thing is probably hungry. I am a mother of two and would never do anything like this.everyone mother's differently,but this just looks downright unsanitary. I think she really is clueless.


"People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands of years," Um no girl it's birds not people. I think this is fucking gross poor baby. For all you nasty ass people that do this to your kids please stop! For them. Have you ever thought that if they can't chew it themselves than maybe they shouldn't be consuming it to begin with. 1st of all that is disgusting because all you mothers have sex and I'm sure do all kinds of freaky shit with your man and than your spreading it to your kids that is disgusting. It's like inviting your kid for a threesome gross. Think about all the germs your spreading to them come on not only that but your basically frenching your kid cause I'm sure there is some tongue contact when transferring the food from parents mouth. PLEASE STOP THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!

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i know a few mothers that act the same) nature calls


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Hey, it worked for pterodactyls. Why can't it work for Alicia Silverstone?


That's what blenders are for. People may have been doing this practice for millions of years (or whatever) but now we have this thing called a "blender". Maybe the reason children don't have teeth is because their bodies aren't yet equiped to handle food that needs to be chewed. I am a mother of three, I breast fed them till they could walk and talk and beyond. I believe in all the good mommy stuff but c'mon, this is disgusting. I'm sure the kid would love to grow up knowing that mommy puked food into his mouth when he was too young to know better. Alicia, get a blender I'm sure you can afford it. YUCK!!


Some people will do anything to get or otherwise. I why does she think people actually care how she feeds her son or her dog or her anybody. Some things should just be left private.


There have been alot of good comments made being pro and con for her feeding technique. Some can say its ok, but what about the little guy when he grows up. I think she needs to focus on how this will effect him long term. When kids find out about this at school, and they will especially with his mom being so famous, he will be made fun of and what if he thinks its gross. She thinks she is helping him, but I personally think it's will do harm to him later, and that would be horrible for him and maybe mom will look back and regret it.


I chewed my kids food up until they were old enough to chew themselves. Meats yes I chewed that up too because kids jaws aren't strong enough to chew meats. I have fed my kids from my mouth too and they aren't dead. All three of my girls are very smart, loving and normal kids. I don't think anything is wrong with it. Now if you lick butt or do oral no I don't recommend it!!


To all the idiots who find this to be disgusting. I guess none of you have children of your own. I am a mom of two and i have done that with both my kids. Only a parent who loves their kids would understand. Yall need to get off her back.

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