Adam Lambert Questions "Catty" Members of the Gay Community

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Adam Lambert covers the latest issue of Instinct, a magazine that focuses on the LGBT community - and opens up to the publication on a topic that may cause some controversy for the former American Idol star.

Adam Lambert Instinct Cover

"As a community, we’re a little bit resistant to a gay male pop star ourselves," Lambert says. "It’s very easy for people to look at my origin, which is American Idol, and automatically assume that I’m a commercial sellout or a puppet or a flash in the pan.

"I don’t think I’m any of those things. There’s something weird there. We’re very eager to celebrate a strong female. But to celebrate a fellow gay man – it gets catty sometimes.”

The artist will soon be coming out with a new album, one he has described as especially personal, and he elaborated here regarding what fans can expect:

“This is the kind of music I listen to. I know the style of vocal I have is kind of big. It has a certain edge to it. I’ve always loved rock, but I also love stuff that is more groove-based, more funky, more soulful, more dance music.”

For more from Adam Lambert, pick up the latest issue of Instinct.


Why doesn't this jerk just STFU about being gay. I'm gay and think Lambert has done a huge disservice to gay people everywhere by focusing all his energy on being an out and outrageous gay person. If he had spent that energy on his singing career instead of being the kind of "fag" the straight world hates, he might have actually become a respected star. As it is, he is laughable and pathetic. I wish he would just go away.


Adam = controversy. It's his nature to be a loose cannon and stir up, shall we say, "heated discussion".


The LGBTQ community is under no more of an obligation to support Adam's music than the straight community. African Americans would be insulted if it was assumed by white acquaintances that they liked RAP simpy because they're black. Adam says that it gets catty sometimes and, certainly, right after Idol a fair number of prominent gay entertainment critics were unecessarily unpleasant. He's a polarizing figure and, straight or gay, a lot of people had difficulty sorting out where he fit in their minds. Adam is clearly not shying away from continuing that discussion with his community but we, his straight fans, shouldn't assume this signals an opening to draw broad assumptions about the LGBTQ community. If you are into generalizations: how about taking responsibility for the fact that the straight community isn't exactly stellar in it's handling of Adam or homosexuality. Maybe we should clean our own house first.


Right behind you. Giggle giggle.


@Jason April 24th, 2012 10:38 PM: completely agree with you!


As I understand it, it seems Adam craves respect from the gay community and he doesn't feel like he's getting it. He does seem to get idolised mostly by adolescent girls, versus the gay community which perhaps he'd rather address, and it bothers him. Maybe he shouldn't let it. Both Gaga and Madonna embrace their gay following so maybe Adam should take a lesson from that. Anyway straight people have the same problem. A lot of women really hate Gaga and Madonna and think they're bad role models. As the saying goes, no one is a prophet in their own land.


I was disappointed with the way this piece was framed ~ The reader was told in the opening sentence that Adam has said things "that may cause some controversy for [him]." I'm not sure which is getting more tiring -- reading that Adam Is "the openly-gay singer" or being reminded that he is "controversial." Controversial? Because he is gay? Because a performance of his on an awards show two and a half years ago caused a commotion? And, with regard to this article ... because he has an opinion, and has chosen to share it, rather than keep his mouth? What I believe is controversial is NOT Adam Lambert, but the fact that his expressing himself about what is meaningful to him and others is called "controversial." There is little controversy where one doesn't expect to find it.


It is time for the gay community to support this great artist 100%. I've purchased albums I didn't necessarily like because I wanted to support a cause or particular artist. Buy the CD so he can keep making CDs and give it away, gift it, whatever. I am baffled by the gay community. They listen to Britney, Madonna, Cher, Katy, Gaga, but don't listen to Adam who lost so much because of his openness? You've got to be kidding me! Most of those artists except for Gaga only have sex appeal. So how are gay men attracted to them? I'm not them so I don't know.... I have a music background and can tell you they can't sing any better than about 40% of the population. Adam is a great performer...please buy his CD.


finishing what was cut off: I feel sorry for the ones that do as they are missing the greatest music has to offer and his name is Adam Lambert. I am just shocked that diversity is such a dirty word for some in the Gay Community and not celebrated!! I hope they listen to the song "Underneath." Maybe then they will get to know Adam a little better. It is quite personal and revealing!


@Anita-Lighten up. I wasnt bashing him because he's gay. I was just saying its a shame cause that leaves me (a woman) out. I think he's hot and wish he was straight for MY sake. Put your claws away. Geesh.

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