Woman Sues Apple After Plowing Into Glass Door at Store

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Evelyn Paswall, 83, is suing Apple after walking smack into the glass doors at its store in Manhassett, Long Island. She is asking for $75,000 in medical expenses (she suffered a broken nose), plus punitive damages for negligence totaling $1 million.

All because Apple keeps its windows that freaking clean.

Apple Glass Door

Paswall claims she didn’t realize she was walking into a wall of glass as she approached the store, which is believable, we suppose. But she broke her nose as a result of the collision? How fast can 83-year-old move?

Her lawsuit claims that “the defendant was negligent ... in allowing a clear, see-through glass wall and/or door to exist without proper warning.”

Not to back up a corporate giant over a poor old lady with a broken nose here, but really? Is this the first glass door she's encountered? Apple is known for innovation, but we're pretty sure that came out well before Steve Jobs' time.

The Manhassett Apple Store has floor-to-ceiling glass walls at the front and rear, but still. If that's incomprehensible to you, how do you even know what the Apple store is?

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I wounder if their Computers are as clean as their windows? lol
I hate Apple. PC Fan Here lol.


Shouldnt be mean to the granny but it is a stupid situation. Its common sense


Is this chapter 2 (The Elderly Years)
from the lady who sued McDonald's for the hot coffee?


yes lets lower the standard for the stupid people who won't take responsibility for the fact that they were not paying attention. what do you think surrounds a building ?? walls maybe and doors to get in. what if there was a cliff there would you walk off of it and maybe sue god for putting it there. gimme a break lady


That's not very nice! Get some patience for goodness sake. That is somebody's mother or grandmother you are talking about. At least she can get around at her age. The lawsuit is extreme, I agree. When your kid doesn't get their iPod for Easter because Grandma broke her nose you will take back your comments. You will probably be too fat to reach the debit card swipe from your motorized cart soon"


What an idiot! If she can't see glass/door/window, she surely shouldn't be at a car dealership trying to buy a car! Stay off the road lady...you can't even handle the sidewalk...


This is why you get your eyes checked. Stupid woman she should be suing her eyeballs


I am a senior and know very well how to drive and stay within the speed limit and never use my cell phone when driving. Try crossing streets at lights or crosswalks instead of the middle of the street and do your running on the sidewalks or pathways and not on the streets. I protect my debit card unlike a lot of you who allow me to see your PIN.


Bet thats the same lady that didnt know mcd's coffee was hot! :-) lol


Oh, man. This is why I hate elderly people in public. They can't drive--I'm a runner and I swear they purposely try and hit me, they don't know how to use their Debit cards in the grocery.....ugh! Now they wanna sue because they're unobservant YET AGAIN? Boo hoo! Open your eyes, lady or get a seeing eye dog.