Will Sandra Fluke Sue Rush Limbaugh for Slander?

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Rush Limbaugh has apologized to Sandra Fluke for referring to the Georgetown Law School student as a "slut" and a "prostitute" because she believes her health insurance plan should pay for female contraception.

But might the conservative talk show host still be in major trouble for those remarks?

Fluke told The Daily Beast that legal experts have informed her she "might have a case" against Limbaugh for slander, but bringing a lawsuit against the blowhard is "not something I've made any decisions about at this point."

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat from New York, seems far more committed to this goal than Fluke, as she claimed on Friday that “we will be filing a slander suit against Rush Limbaugh. What he’s really trying to do is silence a young woman. It’s unfair, it’s un-American.”

To come out on top in any slander suit, a victim must prove that the accused made a false statement, "published" it to at least one other party and also that said statement caused injury. This does seem like it could apply to both Limbaugh and actress Patricia Heaton for her comments.

But should Fluke go through with such an action? You tell us:


"You [Manicheans] make your auditors adulterers of their wives when they take care lest the women with whom they copulate conceive. They take wives according to the laws of matrimony by tablets announcing that the marriage is contracted to procreate children; and then, fearing because of your law [against childbearing]…they copulate in a shameful union only to satisfy lust for their wives. They are unwilling to have children, on whose account alone marriages are made. How is it, then, that you are not those prohibiting marriage, as the apostle predicted of you so long ago [1 Tim. 4:1–4], when you try to take from marriage what marriage is? When this is taken away, husbands are shameful lovers, wives are harlots, bridal chambers are brothels, fathers-in-law are pimps.� Augustine, Against Faustus 15:7 (A.D. 400). Rush has got early christians on his side though. It's like homosexual marriage unless you're don't get it.


@Jen because "somebody's" insurance will pass it on to us. Nothing is free. And on top of that? Those with no insurance? Have free govt. clinics that our taxes go to support. Why should we pay double?


Why shouldn't someone's insurance cover contraception? I don't see how this is a big deal.


LAWSUIT! LAWSUIT! LAWSUIT! I hope he loses his show, and she sues him for everything he has left, and wins!


@Leo, I hope everything is ok with you. Recently you seem a little less happy in your comments. I'm a stranger, but hope something makes you smile =D ........ Ms. Fluke was made out to be a whore. There are many married couples who use the pill for pregnancy protection. I know nothing about Ms. Fluke, but it is her right to protect herself at an affordable rate. I feel this is not a Rep/Dem issue. I know women on both sides of that fence that use the pill. So yes sue sue sue and Patricia too!!!


Oh, good! And I hope Ann Coultier, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Megyn Kelly, etc. bring about lawsuits goin' against those pig liberal TV pundits as well! Yes, lots of money could be changin' hands soon!


Yeah' hit him where it hurts, Then donate the money to Planned Parenthood and Woman's abuse centers.


Limbaugh showed a complete and heated willful disregard for Ms. Fluke.
He is the one who put her Name on the map. He was insulting, and with full intent he bad mouthed and degraded her. To come back Now with his so called (fake) apology is like adding insult to injury. Whatever
options are open to Ms. Fluke, I can easily believe that it will be a decision that express her views, and Not in the best interest of Rush Limbaugh.
Clothes may Not make the man, but many a "suit" has made the lawyer!

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