Whitney Houston Coroner Under Siege from Alleged Relatives, Prompted to Open Murder Investigation

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There is no evidence that any foul play was at work in the death of Whitney Houston.

But that did not stop Nancy Grace from speculating about whether someone played a role in her passing, and a new report claims it isn't stopping unidentified callers from pressing the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office from opening up a murder investigation.

Whitney on Stage

Sources tell TMZ that several individuals - alleging to be relatives of either Houston or Bobby Brown - have contacted the office under the belief that the artist was murdered. One even claimed to possess evidence that proved this theory, while another blamed a fellow relative for the homicide.

There's been no verification of identities and still no proof exists that points to anything but an overdose on pain medication and alcohol. The official cause of death will be determined when toxicology results are in.


Let her rest in peace. They said there was no signs of foul play.


Well, it's like some people might say, Whitney Houston was worth more dead then alive. And who has gained from her death? Clive Davis, as well as some other people and companies he does business with. Records sales hit the roof. Everybody wanted to buy the movie. Millions were made. Whitney was not producing the way that she use to. She will always be number one and perhaps never vocally matched. I still have'nt heard ANYBODY who could be at her level. I wish she would have been able to retire and live the rest of her life the way that she deserved, but evil people got to her first. Miss you Whitney.....


I agree with Chely. Next thing you know it will be the Michael Jackson case all over again.


every time a famous person dies its murder! Watch out hollywood lol

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