Whitney Houston Coroner Under Siege from Alleged Relatives, Prompted to Open Murder Investigation

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There is no evidence that any foul play was at work in the death of Whitney Houston.

But that did not stop Nancy Grace from speculating about whether someone played a role in her passing, and a new report claims it isn't stopping unidentified callers from pressing the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office from opening up a murder investigation.

Whitney on Stage

Sources tell TMZ that several individuals - alleging to be relatives of either Houston or Bobby Brown - have contacted the office under the belief that the artist was murdered. One even claimed to possess evidence that proved this theory, while another blamed a fellow relative for the homicide.

There's been no verification of identities and still no proof exists that points to anything but an overdose on pain medication and alcohol. The official cause of death will be determined when toxicology results are in.

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be it murder or homicide nothing happen without the knowledge of God.Death is inevitiable nd INCIDENT IS D STORY TO TELL


Life is a stage. You come play ur part and go. No matter how Whitney dies, she has played her part. Let her Soul rest in peace.
I will forever love her songs.


yeah whitney was in dept up to her ears her voice was gone and so was her mind. she ve shld have been writing oducing herown matrial a long time ago. yes rayj and not bobby brown should be under fire this time around




I agree with Jep11...let Whitney REST IN PEACE!!!!!


While she was she moved millions & millions of hearts. She had a wonderful voice that will never be matched in our lifetime. But thank god for her cds and thank god for her awesome voice I love to her xmas songs if you havent got them please do. They will really make your xmas heartfelt and to think its only march 6 2012. Heaven has got a wonderful voice up there now and you can take that to the bank.


It's a no brainer! The hotel "bell hop" did it!


Let it rest until the final Coroners report comes out.. Relatives can be the biggest pain of all.. Finger pointing doesn't get you anywhere.. Maybe her body had just had all it could take and she died from what could be Natural Causes.. She is gone and nothing can bring her back.. Just don't understand people who have to add fabrication into their lives.. They must be bored and need the hype


I thought it "coincidental" when I saw a new commercial for CTIA wireless with some strange symbolic references such as a man SKYROCKETING with a yellow character with a horn nose next to him. This commercial was being aired before Whitney HOUSTON was found dead, which subsequently prompted her record sales to SKYROCKET also.


I noticed right before Whitney Houston died, she looked sooo old and raggedy.....I know we all get old, but you could see how the drugs, alcohol, etc. took over her life....a very sad end to what one would describe as starting off as a beautiful life....so tragic the way she died....and i agree with Chely....everytime a person dies it's murder in Hollywood...>ENOUGH ALREADY MEDIA>>>>>>>>