Whitney Houston Cause of Death: Heart Attack, Cocaine

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The Los Angeles County Coroner has released the official cause of death for Whitney Houston.

According to the report, the singer passed away due to an "accidental drowning" that was related to heart disease and also the presence of cocaine in her system.

A Final Image of Whitney Houston

An insider tells TMZ that it's "very possible" the heart attack caused Whitney to pass out and fall under the water. It's also likely this was triggered by the use of cocaine. It should be noted, however, that no cocaine was found in the hotel room where Houston passed away.

Law enforcement officials have said from the beginning that no foul play was involved in the tragedy and nothing in this report suggests anything different.

Perhaps now folks such as Nancy Grace can let Whitney rest in peace.

UPDATE: Coroner Chief Craig Harvey said in a news conference that evidence points to Whitney as a "chronic" cocaine user and that the traces in her system were "acute," meaning she took the drug immediately prior to passing away.

Other substances in her system at the time included: marijuana, Benadryl, Flexeril, and Xanax. They played little to no role in her death.


Rip Whitney so sorry your gone. Thanks for taking a picture with me when I was 13 at a Beach Boys concert in 1998. I will always cherish that picture forever.




Rest In Peace Whitney Houston I will always love You!!!!!!!!!


Yeah,My aunt fell down her stairs and broke her neck and then her heart stopped. what a crock of who shot john. she o'd'ed plain and simple. everyone knew she was into drugs. her daughter didn't miss a beat,people keep making excuses for these people.It is what it is.


Cocaine? Knock me over with a feather! Im so shocked! NOT.


I'm not sure why we're celebrating this woman's life. She's given the immense gift of all the god-given talent in the world, yet chooses to trash it all (and leave her daughter behind) by becoming a coked out has been. She's a great poster child we can all use when we tell our kids, "if you have this much talent (in any endeavor - music, sports, art, business) don't waste it like that messed up Whitney Houston did."


Whitney,you were a gift that God let us share for a while.Not long enough in my humble opinion.Everyone loved you.We will always love you.Goodbye,my darling one.


@Krysti- People will let them rest in peace- The minute they quit publishing this Picked over and worn out Topic!


I dont understand why people cant just let these wonderful people rest in peace. I mean come on everyone makes mistakes in their lives, no one is perfect. Let Whitney RIP!!!!! Let her family grieve and heal in peace.


No surprise here!

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