What Should Snooki Name Her Baby?

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Snooki is pregnant and engaged. Maybe you heard.

The Jersey Shore star is still in the early stages of her pregnancy, and has yet to confirm officially that she is with child (or engaged) but it's out of the bag.

She already has a list of names in mind for her baby, too.

If the Snooki spawn is a boy, she is said to favor Jionni Jr., after her fiance. For a girl, she recently said she loves the names Isabella or ... Giana.

Snooki and Jionni LaValle Photo

Polizzi said she would also consider Tony and Frankie as boy names, but a mini Jionni LaValle might end up going by the same name as his daddy. Aww.

But Snooki may one day have a chance to use all of those.

"Family is a big thing for me and I can't wait to start a family," she told People this winter. "I definitely want a big family – like four or five kids poppin' out!"

Whoa, slow down now ... the thought of one baby Snooki is scary enough. Let's just start with one. What do you think of her names ... and possible others?

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It makes me so angry when people comment things. You all are just jealous people hating on celebs because they have what you dont. Think before you act please.


Why is she and the rest of the "cast" on that ridiculous show even famous? They're all like the mediocre versions of Paris Hilton, but with less money. This is America...sad.


Oompa loompa


Should her fiance get a dna test is the question?


Congrats snooki btw I love jersey shore


Grey Goose


Can't believe this girl was allowed to reproduce...she sld have been steralized at birth along with the rest of the idiot cast of that horrid show...I feel sorry for that child


dead meat


She should name it "Giant F**ing Mistake With No Chance Of a Normal Life"


First commet! Ummm....who cares? Its her choice

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