What Should Snooki Name Her Baby?

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Snooki is pregnant and engaged. Maybe you heard.

The Jersey Shore star is still in the early stages of her pregnancy, and has yet to confirm officially that she is with child (or engaged) but it's out of the bag.

She already has a list of names in mind for her baby, too.

If the Snooki spawn is a boy, she is said to favor Jionni Jr., after her fiance. For a girl, she recently said she loves the names Isabella or ... Giana.

Snooki and Jionni LaValle Photo

Polizzi said she would also consider Tony and Frankie as boy names, but a mini Jionni LaValle might end up going by the same name as his daddy. Aww.

But Snooki may one day have a chance to use all of those.

"Family is a big thing for me and I can't wait to start a family," she told People this winter. "I definitely want a big family – like four or five kids poppin' out!"

Whoa, slow down now ... the thought of one baby Snooki is scary enough. Let's just start with one. What do you think of her names ... and possible others?

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I love Jersey Shore but i mostly love Snookis personality !


i think snooki would be a very sweet and kind loving mom even thought im 13 but still she is one of my fav charcterson jersey shore even though jionni had some ups and downs he would make a hell of a dad so would snooks


This deborah chick sure is a dumbasd hatin trick. Omg lmfao. Move on bitch u move on n quit talkn shit on this page its jus a lil snookis pg page nt big a deal. This is truly funny as hell!! If ur anti snooki then quit lookin her up n reading about her stuff!! N if u hate jersey shore then u wuldnt know as much shit as u do bout them! Stop hating lol!!


You people are just stupid. Nicole was doing what 95% of people in their 20's to, It is NOT uncommon for people in their 20's (even 30's or 40's) to party. And just because she has done things does NOT mean she won't be a great mother. People DO change and grow up, what she did was a part of growing up. EVERY person experiments in one way or another and drinking just happened to be Nicole's thing. You people call her a whore but she has only slept with 3 guys on the show, Mike not being one of them bc that was NEVER actually shown.And as far as the rest of the crew the me have been with far more people then all the women put together. So dont be judging people you dont and never will really know...... Congrats Nicole & Jionni on your new little meatball :) #TeamMeatball


It is voicing ones opinion you dumbass, just like you just did, Your pro Snooki and some of us are anti Snookie! One thing i do agree on is that Vinny is cute but even if i had a chance i wouldnt touch him with a 10 ft pole! Now if i did have a chance to be on the jersey shore, i so wouldnt want the world to think im a freaking drunkrn ass whore cause thats what all the girls are except Sammi. So instead of getting angry at others opinions, make yours and move the fuck on!


Talk about ppl hating!! Omg! U cal that voicing ones opinion?? I call it hating and jealousy. U know if they had picked ne of u u wuld be doin tha same thing!! I luv jersey shore i luv snooki and vinny on course talk bout hottie!! But neways congrats snooki n dnt let losers get to u!! Get a life ppl and stop talkn bout theirs!!


That is sad i feel both ways about Snooki's pregnancy.... One seriously i used to watch the show, it was entertaining for a while till they all became whores/man whores. Like regardless of their ethnicity they are all a disgrace to the American People. Who sits around and watches people get shitfaced and screw Everyone/ Eachother? I for one think we should boycott this pregnancy! Lol jk. But seriously Snooki was the worse one, sleeping with random guys Mike, Vinny, Jionni etc.... Urinating on herself and in public. If she was my child id he sooooo embarrased and ashame to think i raised that hot mess!! And to all the "Dont be hating" comments its not haye, jealousy, or anything its voicing ones opinion!


I go poopy on her head


I think the lil meatball should be called Minestroni Macaroni Lasagna Fettucini Mozzarella the 1st.


Jiooni should run for his life. This girl is psycho to the max. Oops after the baby is born he should take the baby and run for their lives. This Snooki could never be a mom until she get sober and over herself.

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