Trayvon Martin PSAs: Chaka Khan, Other Celebrities, Ordinary People Pay Tribute to Slain Teen

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A pair of videos - one featuring celebrities, one starring ordinary people - have surfaced online as public service announcements and tributes to Trayvon Martin.

In the first, singer Chaka Khan enlists help from celebrity friends Kelly Price, Eric Benét, Eva Pigford, Kenny Latimore, Terry Crews, Angela Bassett, Kimberly Elise and Loretta Devine, creating this public service announcement for Trayvon Martin:

Donning a black hoodie, Chaka sings “A mama’s cryin’ ’cause another young man has gone and died. He’s not some statistic. He’s an awesome destiny denied.”

In a second video, filmmakers from Newark, N.J., assembled 30 African-American males to lend their voices to speak out on the Trayvon Martin case and the way they believe black males are being perceived in the media and society.

They, too, wear hooded sweatshirts as audio of a 911 dispatcher speaking to George Zimmerman, and Geraldo Rivera's comments, play in the background:

The tributes are moving, however, some have suggested that Martin becoming a national symbol and media obsession has indirectly led to bias against George Zimmerman, who claims self-defense and has not been charged with a crime.

Martin's death is a tragedy and the public is right to question why an unarmed teen was slain. Yet making Trayvon into a martyr or entertainment form oversimplifies a complex matter does little to honor his memory - or the accused's right to due process.

It's important to consider all sides of the issue. Do you agree?

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@lollipop my point exactly, thank you.


@Ernest- I would live to have your Black ASS here in Texas. We could have our own little " Come to Jesus Meeting" for sure. Any Race that has a Reverend " man of God " like Sharpton- then fuck your race. @ Tequila- I know what you look like- You look like A Racist.


@Ernie Oh, bite me! Not all whites are closet racists....but I believe most blacks are! Shame on ya, too! You're obviously one of the large multitude of blacks who don't really want to resolve the whole race relations, no--you wanna fight. So be it! But, with that attitude? You won't win. However, there are those among your community that love to wallow in their mess rather than move forward. If the hoodie fits? Wear it! @ Suitepee--I think you're makin' a lot sense regarding Trayvon..and what he should have done. He beat on Zimmerman and not much is said about that. This could well be a case of self-defense! Matter-of-fact, if it was so cut and dried that Zimmerman was guilty he would have been incarcerated by now. It's not about color prejudice...its' about justice and following the legal procedures for investigating, bringing charges properly, etc.


Go look up the new witness in the case, i stand next to facts, i don't make stuff up, also i just wish kids these days had manners, what ever happen to those?


it seems people forget that he is also me he doesnt even look white.


Again.....the investigation isn't finished. It's quite likely this was self-defense. To color it any other way right now only shows one's prejudice. This incident has brought to the surface the racial rage in people's hearts and that includes blacks and whites! You're not hearing much from the Hispanic community about this and I believe Zimmerman is part Hispanic...isn't he??? If so, where's the "rage" against the Hispanics? Seems kinda strange.


i do agree with you on one thing..everyone has racism in them. You can say you dont all day but you do.


so we should shot people who wont tell us what they are doing? seems like a great reason to me..maybe I should get my gun out and shoot whoever wont tell me what they are doing and claim they are a thug because of that..self defense right? When I see evidence that trayvon beat him then ill think bout it again..but i'd be knocking the hell out of someone walking up to me with a gun.