Tournament of THG Couples Semifinals: William & Kate vs. Miley & Liam!

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Welcome back to the first annual Tournament of THG: Couples Edition, where fans vote on the most popular celebrity couple in the entire universe!

The concept is simple: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. Done. YOUR VOTES will determine the winners of this tournament showdown.

The New Miles

After eight hotly-contested first-round battles, the semifinal bracket is set. We're down to the final four, and the stakes are high! Let's get to it!

In our first semifinal yesterday, Robsten battled Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Today it's Prince William and Kate Middleton against Miley Cyrus and her man!

The Hunger Games' Liam Hemsworth, that is. You know what to do: VOTE!

And the Winner is?

Which celebrity couple do you like more, William and Kate or Miley and Liam? Cast your votes in this Tournament of THG Couples semifinal! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

William & Kate

Miley & Liam

Total Votes: 5936

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They should first fix their prbeolm in their relationship before getting engaged..I guess so, it's painful to get engaged with your boyfriend and then being dump after!


Liamiley 4ever,what is so special abt been a royal? Miley does not want fame bcos she do everything a ordinary girl does,so get over urself sarah. Luv u smiley miley.


Aww, look at all the poor jealous, ignorant, little cyber-brats on here trying so hard to tear Miley Cyrus down. Rita is a ditz for calling a stranger a tramp without knowing who the stranger has had sex with. And little Sarah must be so insecure. Her bitterness and naivety are so pathetic that they're almost precious. Poor baby.Poor bitchy little school girls.


u mad mileys lovers
she talks about christianity
its against our religion
have some sense
love jesus


All those people who have something against Miley need to stfu, i don't know her in person but she seems like she has a wonderful personality and teens will be teens , it doesn't matter if she had 7-8 bf , she and Liam love each other so stop butting into their relationship .


OMG see this is whats wrong with this world. you dont even know the girl but you judge. "miley has a bad personality, miley dated 7 to 8 guys , miley this miley that" just shut the f up. last time i checked she dated 2 guys before liam and to this b sarah you dont even know her. by your comment id say your personality sucks but you may be the sweetest girl on earth. dont judge if you dont know peoplee!!!!!!


and first of all
every girl wants prince charming
but that does'nt mean ..
start dating each and every famous,popular,charming guys


oh u just shut up
coz miley isnt famous
but when she starts dating Nick thats why
peoples notice her
and william kate get married


and one thing miley ahd only had 3 boyfriends including liam and
any girl would love a prince
miley is more famous than liam so she isnt with him for fame


no... kate and william have been together for 8 plus years. miley is a fame whore... wants nothing but attention. vote for true love... not a tramp.