The Voice Battle Round: Tony Lucca vs. Chris Cauley

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The Battle Rounds are back on The Voice!

With the four coaches each possessing teams of eight singers, the chosen few must now go up against one another ... singing the same song, at the same time.

It's high concept, but it works. In our first matchup last night, Adam Levine putted Tony Lucca against Chris Cauley for a rendition of U2's "Beautiful Day" ...

Both these guys did great, and the two of them sounded even better together, which is the downside of this process - Adam's really going to boot one afterward?

So it goes. Tony was just a little bit more believable in the eyes of Levine and the rest of the panel. As Cee Lo Green put it, Tony "articulated the song" better.

Do you think Tony deserved to advance over Chris?


Co Cousin!! I am so proud of you!! BTW the Chris was fantastic too!!!


Chris' performance can be watched over and over, he should go pro. The duo did sound good together, maybe they can form a band together. Wouldn't that be great.


I thought both performers were great. Tony works the stage & crowd better. Tony's the total package.Lucca could win it all.


Both are talented singers. They sounded great together! But, I feel Chris should have won this one. Tough decision.


Chris is amazing.....Tony was just good. Chris Cauley should have stayed and Tony should have gone packing!!


Chris should of won!Agatha