The Voice Battle Round: Kim Yarbrough vs. Whitney Myer

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In a Battle Round matchup on The Voice Monday evening, Kim Yarbrough squared off with Whitney Myer, who sounded off at the start, but then really got things going.

She never could compete with Kim's voice or pure stage presence, however, so it looked as though she was done from the start. Such is life in a sudden-death duet.

Kim wasn't too much of an opportunity to really showcase her voice, even, but she did the best with what she had, and the two did sound pretty strong as a pair.

In the end, Adam Levine chose Kim to advance. The right call? Watch:


This is one of the better duo battles that I have seen. Would like to download it to my IPOD. Is it possible?


its obvious Kim as you refer to the "fat bitch" is a better singer... She made it to finals before she was voted off.


Adam is so dumb... Who is going to vote for an old fat bitch over someone who is more original and can outsing her and look better doing it?


Adam got it wrong in this battle.