The Voice Battle Round: Juliet Simms vs. Sarah Golden

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In a Battle Round clash of Juliet Simms vs. Sarah Golden, who would Cee-Lo pick?

In a battle of strange costume choices, this would have been a toss-up, but Juliet showed command of the song and rocked out hard from the start on "Stay With Me."

Her gritty performance was just too much for Sarah, who seemed like a weak pop artist in need of serious auto-tune compared to the raw power of her adversary.

Cee-Lo, not surprisingly, gave the nod to Juliet. Agree? Disagree? Watch below:


Are you kidding me? Juliette is a generic, instantly forgettable, rocker chick. She screeches and rasps her way through songs, but it's like listening to any number of screechy wanna be's. Sarah's voice is golden (pun intended), and the best parts of that song last night were her gorgeous and exciting harmonies. I could listen to her voice for hours; I'd turn Juliette off after a couple of minutes. Sheesh. CeeLo blew it big time.