The Voice Battle Round: Charlotte Sometimes vs. Lex Land

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Who would Blake Shelton choose in a battle of Charlotte Sometimes vs. Lex Land?

Lex may not have helped her cause in this take on "Pumped Up Kicks." She was trying to be sultry and understated, but that often made her hard to hear.

Never a good sign in a singing competition, or at least in a sudden death duet.

Charlotte's tone, and personality, helped her here conversely. The two did not sound that terrific in tandem and Blake made a seemingly obvious call with her.

Watch the Battle Round performance below and see if you agree with Blake:


Charlotte went to my school {In NJ} and her real name isnt really charlotte Sometimes. KEEP GOING C.


I, too, would like to know who the designer was for Lex's dress for the battle round? It was stunning. Any help would be appreciated.


I think Lex has the better voice though Charlotte has a cool raspy rock voice, and Lex clearly took more vocal risk but I do belive it was because chrlotte was louder and threw in the gestures, but I also believe the judges often make the wrong decisions even though they are in the business, they didnt get discovered for knowing voices but being a voice lol but I do respect the talent they have.


Anyone know the designer of Lex Land's dress here?


I think lex land has the more unique voice--very sexy, breathy and her demure, shy personality makes her even more interesting to watch and listen too. When she hit her high notes, I got goosebumps. With Charlotte sometimes or other there's nothing interesting. I hope Adam signs lex to his new label.